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TimeSquare / CalendarPickerView – Tutorial für Android Studio

In diesem Video werden wir die TimeSquare-Bibliothek verwenden, um eine CalendarPickerView zu erstellen, die eine nette Alternative zum Standard-DatePickerDialog darstellt. Wir können ein minDate und ein maxDate für den Bereich festlegen und unser ausgewähltes Datum zurückerhalten, indem wir einen OnDateSelectedListener darauf setzen. Wir werden dieses Datum mithilfe der DateFormat-Klasse formatieren und mithilfe der Calendar-Klasse auch das einzelne Jahr, den Monat und den Tag abrufen. Sie können auch mehr als ein Datum auswählen und zurückgeben, indem Sie den Modus auf SelectionMode.RANGE setzen und dann durch Aufrufen von getSelectedDates eine Liste der Daten abrufen.

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  1. When I search any tutorial in youtube and then I find any tutorial by Florian Walther I can blindly rely on it. You're awesome brother.

  2. disculpe, como podría cambiar el color de las celdas del rango seleccionado y guardar los cambios?

  3. please make a video using DialogDragment

  4. How do we get this into a Dialogue Window / fragment like in your other tutortial for the stock android Calender? So that its actually usable in real life.

  5. hey this is very helpful datepicker
    sir i have a question sir i want to store date today to choose selected last date both date are store so how can it possible

  6. how can we make it horizontal

  7. Very helpful library. It was just perfect for the project i'm working on. Thank you!

  8. how can i highlight a date for event?
    ive seen different libraries of this but none of them worked for me
    i just want a simple dot for any dates that has an event in it
    i use firebase as database
    pls help. thanks

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  12. My Question Is When I Used CalendarPickerView.SelectionMode.RANGE, i need To be Select Last Date So My Problem is How Get After All 7 Days Within Range When I Select First Date Without Selecting Last Date in Time Square Calendra View.

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  14. Hello
    How to display the Hijri calendar in DatePicker ?

  15. great tutorial
    can you please show us how to highlight diferents days in this Calendar

  16. hiii nice work LOVE IT but can i ask something how i can add a little circle in a specific date ??

  17. Nice tutorial but datePicker.getSelectedDates(); returns only one date that is selected.

    Is there a way to get a range of selected dates and print them out maybe?

  18. Excellent explanation Thank you

  19. It really helped me a lot as a student. Thank you!

  20. I like this tutorial, but how to create calendar hijri?

  21. one of the best lessons i have found in youtube thank you so much

  22. How to select previous dates?

  23. hi! with this library is it possible to change bgcolor or highlitgh specific days for example to mark a rest-day or travel day.? thanks in advace

  24. Nice video, i send you an email asking you about one tutorial, if you answer me it will be great :DDD

  25. Great library and great tutorial, but can this be shown in a dialog or popup instead of a new activity? =)

  26. Thanks for your videos! Would You please show "Drag and Drop"?

  27. Nice 👍🏻 great work

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