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Top 10 Android Apps Mai 2019

Dies ist meine Auswahl für die 10 besten Android-Apps des Monats. Sie sind die besten Apps des Monats, die ich derzeit auf meinem Samsung Galaxy S10 + habe, und ich finde sie alle sehr nützlich.
Ich verwende Android Pie 9.0 auf meinem S10 +, sodass einige dieser Apps möglicherweise nicht mit Ihrem Gerät kompatibel sind, wenn es eine ältere Version von Android ausführt. Vergessen Sie nicht zu kommentieren, zu bewerten und zu abonnieren, wenn Sie dies noch nicht getan haben und alle Links unten aufgeführt sind.

1. Speicherorganisator (0:29) –

2. Fortschritte (1:06) –

3. Wanddrobe (1:48) –

4. Holey Light (2:19) –

5. Benachrichtigungsanimation (2:46) –

6. Aloha (3:19) –

7. Glückstag (4:03) –

8. Firefox Send (4:47) –

9. Playspot (5:10) –

10. OneTracker (5:38) –

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  1. Well I don't normally comment on YouTube but for this ur video I have to give u a thumbs up

  2. well, before the video began, i noticed the description. anyone who provides timestamps has my respect, hats off to you!

  3. I can't do non live wallpaper anymore🤔

  4. Lucky you app is a scam and total waist of time..

  5. Funny how I'm watching this video while wearing the exact same t-shirt that you are.

  6. daily personal money managing android application

    download using this link Get Daily Transaction from the Amazon Appstore. Check it out – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077FRXW7F/...

  7. WOWOW what is this wallpaper?

  8. What name is screen wallpaper name plz tell me sir

  9. You take long to come back maybe do 1 app by video to be more active.

  10. The list is awesome! Well, check out my favorite app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.textandlogowatermark.autoaddlogowithsignatureonphotos
    It's a fabulous application for the photography lover like me!

  11. What keyboards are you using?

  12. Can you provide Firefox send link
    …it's not available on playstore

  13. Plezzzzzz send me some hacking apps and fingerprint apps for android ok sir

  14. these apps are okay, after downloading a few of them to try it out I ended up deleting all of them. holey light was finicky with my S10+ and I set up all the instructions it tells me to do with AOD and the playing games for money can only be cashed out in $20 intervals, I played 2games and got .70 after half an hour of playing but I'm sure after all the advertisements the companies made much more than that.

    the only one I remotely liked was Notification Animation and even that app you're limited to the free ones which are nice, but no one wants to pay money on a free app to customize your phone. after a while my phone blows up and the animations get annoying so this app takes time to get used to.

    it's hard finding a good LED notification for the S10+ phones but still a good video

  15. Where did you get that wallpaper as I can't find it

  16. Thank your video. I want some movies app Free. Who can help me?

  17. pls mke a video how ur s10+ looks like iphone theme

  18. Waooo, good to know. Btw, probably it also make a sense to check YouRMusic android app as well. I love it and created video on my channel how it works

  19. Love your vids. But why must you pronounce every single sy-lla-ble when you talk? Really annoying at times!

  20. Hey man, how did you remove the navigation gesture lines on the S10?

  21. playspot link goes to wrong page

  22. When i open playspot link it opens morphine app on playstore.

  23. Cheers Matt… I'm going to give headway a try.. I use Blinkist… 😀

  24. Here is one request…can u make on whats on my phone…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😘

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