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Trump setzt seine Angriffe auf demokratische Kongressfrauen der Farbe fort

Unsere jüngste CBS News Battleground Tracker-Umfrage ergab, dass die meisten Amerikaner den jüngsten kontroversen Tweets von Präsident Trump über vier progressive Gesetzgeber nicht zustimmen. 59% sagen, dass sie mit seinen Tweets nicht einverstanden sind und 40% stimmen zu. Die Spaltung verläuft entlang der Parteilinien. Weijia Jiang berichtet.

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  1. come here to comment and leaveeeee. byeeee fake news

  2. 🇺🇸By BL – who wants to be made to obey Sharia or get your head chopped off?? That is Muslims objective by CAIR and the hundreds of US Muslim committees. While you are sleep at the wheel the Muslims are working to infiltrate America.

  3. 🇺🇸By BL- President Trump is absolutely right. CAIR is having a seminar of Muslim Caucus to expand their influence in American Government. In other words TAKE OVER of America and implement Sharia law. They are using the useful idiot Americans to advance their TAKE OVER!!

  4. Always using the race card.you all just taking things out of context as always.of course you don’t show what they say about America or it’s citizens.you all a bunch of warmongers,hate mongers glad I don’t watch you

  5. Still using them contrived polls ????? HRC won ?????
    Its the ISSUE   stupid ???

    Its Not the messenger   

    who said those  Stupid /Hateful  things ??

    The  issues are  stupid  and Anti American 

    and the colored girls  embrace  these  dumb issues and Hate  

    The fake news and Democrats calls this Race baiting 

    Is it Racism to condemn  Hate /Treason  ???

    Thats stupidity  – 

    don't confuse issue with racism  ???

    DIMS think this is a winning  strategy  to insert  racism 

    They Don’t  think that people cant see this ???

    This is why the dims should never lead again  

    The DON is so smart  he is way ahead of the others 

    He started this  Feud with the 4 Haters  deliberately  and 

    Knowingly So that he could debate /argue   Muslims / Negroes  / Racism /Anti semites /Diversity and Patriotism  in the press 

    this way  the fake news  can not close their eyes to it  and ,will have to carry the debate  ?? 

    Racism is Human Nature  and every one  knows this  but are afraid to admit it  as it would show that they  have been gas lighted  by the media and now they are backing  the wrong pony ??  

    The boy is so brilliant  that even his Republicans don’t get it ??? 

    Debating all these issues  will expose each of the issue and uncover the MYTHS /DECEPTION of the left usually protected by the fake news ?? 

    CNN is already debating  these issues  ? 

    This boy is brilliant   and will go down as the  best  POTUS  ever that saved America ??? 

    The DOJ will clean up  this  Racketeering  ??

    Can you say landslide ???

  6. 40% is a lot of people. That should tell you something about America.

  7. How come when somebody attacks the president it's righteous.
    But when this President hits back it's racism.
    Can you see the childish game you are playing everybody else does and will vote accordingly come 2020. Trump🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. "of color" the news made this racist. Clearly. If you can't see this then you're very blind.

  9. Yeh, folks, we gotta hear this shy*T for another year. Either he's going to rant about the Squad or he's going to rant about immigration….I'm beyond tired.

  10. Did anyone expect a fifty-six-year-old Quentin Tarantino to
    appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! ‘not’ in a full hair dye treatment after directing
    a cast of mostly old dye head actors? After all, in this the age of ‘The Trump’,
    hair dye is king, in all media, regrettably in television news programing too…leading
    many to wonder, to whom can one truly trust, not the once holy televison
    journalists…perhaps in some trickster in a carnival side show, “therein lies
    the rub”…

  11. He's fighting back for once.. good. I killed three illegal immigrant children and buried them in the desert. Can you find them? Where Pablo's daughter now hahs

  12. Being a “woman of color” is not the same thing as being a Black woman, and yet the progressive Left has decided it is. A woman of Indian or Mexican heritage may possibly find herself coming up against some kind of discrimination here and there but it is not, nor will it ever be the same thing as what Black women have faced in this nation historically and to this day.

    Not even close.

    I resent having to tie my heritage to that of other people who may have no history in this country prior to 40 or 50 years ago; people who don’t have communities that still deal with the fallout of slavery, Jim Crow, and the bloody civil rights struggle. Why should Ayanna Pressley be forced to share the national stage with three other women whose communities and ancestors have absolutely zero ties to the struggles of Black Americans?

    It isn’t fair and when I see Pressley standing with the rest of the Broad Squad I think she knows it…and I think she resents it. She is by far the most articulate and intelligent member of that crew, and the only one with actual ties to the minority community that literally built this country on their backs. Yet she’s standing in the background, only getting the mic when AOC decides it’s time.

    It is erasure of the saddest kind.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m fine if other minority groups want to lump themselves in with each other with this whole POC thing. There’s a shorthand in it all that’s valuable and I get that. I just don’t think Black Americans want or deserve to be tied to their watered-down version of “the struggle.”

    Because that’s what this is – a naked attempt to hijack the unique civil rights struggles of Black America in order to hitch a ride to Victim Town. When women like Pressley are forced to lump her heritage and American experience in with those who are not “African-American/Black” she is being forced to pour water into her ancestral soup. She is forced to be brown instead of Black.

    There is so much power in blackness that these women and others like them on the Left are desperate to pretend they know the struggle to siphon off even a little bit of that power.

    They have no right, and I won’t participate in it.

    Maybe people like Rashida Tlaib experience discrimination, but she doesn’t experience the legacy of discrimination. Black America is still digging out from a legacy that began in chains. Sometimes we’ve helped ourselves and sometimes we’ve hurt ourselves, but the reality is that roots matter, and Black American roots are deep.

    No other minority community in this country has experienced the same rates of poverty, unemployment, broken homes, under-education or incarceration as the Black community. How dare anyone try to pretend that being “brown” is the only thing you need to be able to tailgate on the Black experience? It is an offense of the highest order. That the progressive Left keeps getting away with it is infuriating.

    What is worse, they’ve only made things worse for the Black community they’re using as a stepladder. They’ve been playing the POC race card so often and so easily that the term “racism” has become nearly meaningless. It is still a term that has deep meaning for the present and past of Black America, but now it’s been reduced to a hashtag, weaponized for the use of people who have neither the experience nor heritage to understand what it truly means in this country.

    Keep your WOC, your POC, your whatever. I don’t care.

    Leave Black folks out of it. At the end of the day, the “POC” crowd is no better than the “white supremacists” they claim to fight…they’re just erasing Black representation and calling it “help.”

    They’re users.

  13. I think anyone who doesn’t love America and Capitalism, SHOULD go live somewhere else. God Bless the USA! 🇺🇸

  14. CBS = CNN. Notice how CBS didn't ask people in this so called "poll" whether they agreed with the vile things these 4 angels said about Trump? Ask people what they think of that congresswoman calling Trump a motherf***er!!! Also notice how CBS never asked if what Trump said was "racist" as CBS DECIDED for viewers on their own when they first started this hysteria.


  16. Trump: Your racist is showing again….

  17. HE NEVER SAID WOMEN OF COLOR…he said anyone that does not love this country should leave. Nothing racist or discriminatory at allllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I often wonder what must go through the minds of those Marines that stand in the background when the 45 spews his hatred? I wonder if they'd like to tell him to "shut-up Russian puppet!" They probably must feel like, "I'm keeping guard over a bone-spur deferred war dodger!????

  19. trump was correct. send the traitors to gitmo

  20. Trump is the best 2020 , this woman are done with

  21. White peoples skin doesn’t age well and when in the sun too much it looks gross!!

  22. Why didn’t Trump go to Vietnam war if he loves this country!

  23. President Trump's comments were NOT RACIST!
    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  24. – Weijia shouldn't deliver sickening news with a smilesmirk on her face…not good. – –

  25. As usual, the media is twisting the point of Trump’s tweet. To democrats, Trump’s statement was the equivalent of saying “go back to Africa where you belong because this country is for white people.” What he actually said was more like “take your stupid socialist ideas back where you (or your momma) came from and try them there. If they work, then come back here and show us how you did it.” That’s rude but not racist since the statement doesn’t reference race and can be applied to anybody. And as for loving America, he’s just repackaging the old saying that’s been around for decades “America, love it or leave it.”

  26. wanna know why Trump doesn't wear glasses??   cause he has 2020….(:

  27. Trump did not say go back where you came from, he said IF you hate America you can go back to your country fix it and then come back and show us how it’s done. All and any exposure of the squad should 100% STOP! Let’s let America decide in 2020.

  28. Wow, what a bait title. Whoever runs your YouTube channel should be fired, or better yet executed

  29. It's okay when they bash the President right

  30. all the twitter-in-chief (mr flip-flop) can do is lash out childishly

  31. E. Cummings is stupid man , got in because he is black and says stupid words that keep destroying His DemonRats party further …he represents dummies !,,,..

  32. Ms. 13. An omar need to leave

  33. The media can say basically anything they want. How lame.

  34. He didn't attack colour ladies but the President attacked their love for Muslim fanatics extremist like Al Qaeda.

    If they love Muslims fanatic extremists so much let them go to their Muslim countries where their favorite terrorist are supported

    Media must not twist the truth… President clarified already that if they don't love America let them leave….

    There is no Colour, creed or race etc in President tweet what he said was that fanatic Muslim extremists supporters are not welcome in America

  35. Yes CBS your polls are soo accurate!! What a joke. Why I dont watch you anymore. I dont care about the chant you know why? Ohmar has really good in the US because if she spoke this way in Somalia she would be in jail. So shut up!

  36. Four Elected Members And He Want to Go Back Before The Foundation of America! Its The INNER WORKINGS OF F.B.I on Both Sides of Politics and the Country ! The String Pullers and planed For Weeks, Months and Years! THE Presidents was Not Elected By The People or Public!

  37. Those polls agree with Hilary too…"

  38. Fun Fact…
    White folks are People of Color.

  39. How about clarify what a citizen means by law. Since law is your rules.

    Anybody to help clarify WHAT a Citizen is by Status of the law?

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