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Tutorial zur Android-Entwicklung – Bild mit Firebase Cloud Messaging senden

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Hallo ! In diesem Tutorial zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie mit dem neuesten FCM arbeiten, um Bilder und Benachrichtigungen zu senden

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  1. Sir, thank you so much. And how can i send notification to some group users or individually?

  2. Sir , how can I implement small image in loading spotsdialog? I have seen om google how to change colors but is there a way to add an image?

  3. hey can you create google pay payment api for android in next video i have searched the youtube there not a video available, and there are many people requesting for it….

  4. how can you do this from one device to another, rather than from firebase to device?

  5. Is that work if app run in background? In my case oneplus 3 mobile it's not shows.
    Please suggestion me how push notifications work all device

  6. Helped in todays my project

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