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Tutorial zur Android-Entwicklung – Drink Shop App Teil 19 Suchaktivität

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In diesem Video erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit dem Finger über den Bildschirm streichen, um Artikel für die Warenkorbaktivität zu löschen

Wir werden versuchen, einen Drink Shop-Auftrag mit PHP-Backend zu erstellen

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  1. Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.rengwuxian.materialedittext.MaterialEditText cannot be cast to com.mancj.materialsearchbar.MaterialSearchBar

    at com.example.redcomp.SearchActivity.onCreate(SearchActivity.java:49) help me!!

  2. How to implement filter based on price and category? like an ecommerce app

  3. When to call clear on CompositeDisposable

  4. When I clicked the search bar it shows all the items which is in the database with previous typed search items as a suggestion . Is there is any way to show only previously search items when I click the search bar? And then when I search for something it will show all the suggestion as like your video! Thank you? ^^

  5. Hello, i have a problem. I have followed every step of the video 2-3times and i cant see the error. When i go into the search activity and tap the search bar, suggestions are loaded perfectly but when i select an item, it does the search correctly only displaying the products with that name but the white window where the suggestions were displayed never dissapear, do you know the reason why this could be happening?

  6. Sir, how can i use this type of search in your food ordeing app
    Like not by .equalTo (name)
    But by .contain (name)
    On firebase

  7. Sir can i ask a question? How can the drink automatically show when im searching not click enter button?

  8. Awosome tutorial.Can you share source code of this tutorial.Thanks again.

  9. Awesome video My master of your right use volly

  10. All my friends wanted to watch this course from you ❤

  11. Sir will you make a course on how to make live wallpaper app using kotlin? I appreciate your work ❤️

  12. Hi
    Please Learn How to make App with REST
    Thank you master for every Thing

  13. sir i have a question can we call table one id show same table 2 id how is it posible in android


    User table 1

    1237681763123 // id
    Adil //Username
    2341411324 // phone number

    i want to show same id like table 1 show in table 2 like

    status table 2
    1237681763123 // id
    Adil //username
    online // status

    i want to in activity user is online or not as same ur realtime tracking location tutorial U use firebase Auth but i use FBID Facebook Auth

    how can we show bro ple help

  14. Respect From My Heart for your Great Job Sir THANKS

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