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Tutorial zur Android-Entwicklung – Drink Shop App Teil 34 Bestelldetails anzeigen

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In diesem Video zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie Auftragsdetails anzeigen

Wir werden versuchen, einen Drink Shop-Auftrag mit PHP-Backend zu erstellen

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  1. hi edd how are you?this app have a problem.if we exit from app and then login again we cant see our order that we buoght already ..gow we can solve it?

  2. Sir I thought you remove the log in when you uninstall the app. But everytime I uninstall the app it always require me to log in

  3. sir i havea big problem. i install android studio many time but every time i get gradle error.i con't know how to instll android studio roght way. sir plsss give me right suggestion.

  4. Niceeeee, I'm learning a lot with this series. Notice this eddy, if you have to scroll orders, the last order can't be watched completely, cuz bottombar overlaps it. Thanks

  5. Sir can you make video and create app or software on gym management system

  6. sir jee mere me to android studio sahe se wotk he nhe kr raha hai bahit paresaan hu bahut try keya but kvi kuch to kvi kuch problem batata hai plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    help me sir

  7. D:)
    Please help me in sno generation automatically in php after submit.
    The sno must be displayed where the last sno when we resume in web application.

  8. i hope you add order date and phone or name of order in this part 🙂

  9. Hi bro , can i embed a video from servers like vidbob, openload …etc in google firebase ?

  10. Thank you so much.. I want to ask you how can i get my adress ip automatically to used in db_url i used jdbc to connecter Android with MYSQL. Because i can't use JSON and phpmyadmin

  11. Eddy I'm Waiting for. Thanks you a Lot

  12. Thanks sir sir how i can add food items food module food items and its features etc in it like your food ordering android app with firebase? i want food module in it please give me hints guide me to add food module or can you add the food modules in next comming tutorials in this drinkshop series i am thankfull to you for this kindness you are awsome :p

  13. After Updating Android studio to 3.1.2 , I get "Failed to load AppCompat ActionBar with unknown error. "

    implementation 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:28.0.0-alpha3'

    Can you help me please…..

  14. Sorry Sir
    firebase nonfiction to (key webUrl – value http//play.google.com) send my other apps link but not open play store….
    I make small apps. I need to know this.
    please sir…
    i know you are busy man…..

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