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Tutorial zur Android-Entwicklung – New Eat It Teil 29 Anzeigen der erteilten Bestellungen

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In diesem Tutorial werde ich Ihnen helfen, View Orders of User zu erstellen

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  1. Hello teacher, a question, I asked as it is in the video, but at the time of seeing the orders, they all show me with the same date (Thursday 12-31-1969 19:00:00) why is this due?

  2. Hello there! I still have a prob…when i order food only one item shows in Order menu…but not the second item pls help!

  3. Eddy we beg make tutorial on real time firebase

  4. sir i follow your PHOTO EDITOR app tutorial first 3 part…. but when i click on filter btn,,,,,,,, filters are not show in screen…

    but edit feature are shown…. filters are not shown……………………….

  5. Please make this application admin panel 💗

  6. Hello edmt! GREAT VIDEO thank you
    Only one problem…everything else worked fine…
    So i ordered 2 items but only one of them was shown in Orders!

  7. If a website has a payumoney payment gateway the transaction has been processed successfully in Google Chrome or other browsers of both computers and mobile devices

    But when it comes to android webview
    The transaction gateway failed it says payment transaction failed in android webview
    In browsers of mobile devices at the beginning of transaction it shows processing after give our details like name email mobile details it moves to next step of card details form after entered the details correct suddenly the window popups and processing the transaction but in android webview I won't happen

  8. Form nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵⛼

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