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Überprüfen Sie E-Mail und Passwort mit regulären Ausdrücken – Android Studio Tutorial

In diesem Video erfahren Sie, wie Sie eine E-Mail-Adresse und ein Kennwort mithilfe regulärer Ausdrücke (Regex) überprüfen.
Auf diese Weise können wir überprüfen, ob die eingegebene E-Mail-Adresse wie eine E-Mail-Adresse aufgebaut ist und ob das Passwort bestimmte Zeichen enthält, z. B. Groß- und Kleinbuchstaben, Ziffern und Sonderzeichen.
Dazu verwenden wir die Pattern-Klasse, mit der wir einen regulären Ausdruck aus einem String kompilieren und ihn dann mit der Matcher-Methode mit der Eingabe vergleichen können.


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  1. hello

    android kotlin pdf insert Cyrillic(Russian) symbols ???¡?¡??¡?¡?¡?¡?¡?

    PLEASE !!!

  2. Also i wanna say make a video how to set/fix our single layout to multiples real phone devices and emulators

  3. AOA, i hope u r fine and i wanna say that u r doing a great job and plz make such videos more

  4. Hi i am jamshed ali form Bangladesh . Thank you very much for your video.

  5. thanks, it helps my assignment

  6. how do you work around the implementation 'com.android.support:design:26.1.0' part. I cant seem to get a password output like in the tutorial

  7. If anyone interested this guy teaches good regex for java – https://youtu.be/s_PfopWcMwI

  8. can you do the same for androidx please.

  9. In a video I heard that if we used regex in android application google ban the application from the play store. Is it true?

  10. uyisikhokho, thanks a lot GOD BLESS..

  11. If I want to insert a data to my loginActivity then how to do this ? I watched a video with a database helper but when I try to insert the data it didn’t work , can you please help me ?

  12. thank you, such a helpful content. keep up your work!

  13. i have one code that is conected with php and mysql, can you help to be together?

  14. Is It Possible To use Mysql server database to Authenticate Your User's LogIn details?

  15. This works much better than the Matcher keyword. 😀 ;D

  16. yes i know this is for Javascript but for PCRE can you do the same by seperating it with double quotes? because most of the examples they put it all together… i'm not sure if it'll work all together inside 1 variable…

  17. Hi, my application keeps crashing after a click the confirm button, it doesnt show if the mail or password are correct, it just keep crashing

  18. My email_address is predefinedly showing null. It's read only file.. Like pattern.class.. Plz help me

  19. Hello! did you know how to verify the password with a password match ?

  20. Sir your tutorials are just excellent. Kindly give me some guidance for phone number field too. How much length i have to put in the condition for phone number and which regex string is suitable for that purpose. Plz reply 🙂

  21. Hi, Everything is working fine but my email is not validating for example:- if i put abc22@gmail.dfygj is also working, Thanks in advance 🙂

  22. Hi!! I followed your tutorial and it's working well! Except that the output looks a little different than yours. What I mean is, your error msg comes out under the edit text field. Whereas for mine, there will be a red exclamation mark circle at the end of my text field, and the error msg comes out like in a black box. Is there anyway where I can make the error msg appear to be like yours?

  23. Thanks so much!

    Also, can you do a video where it checks if the value of an inputted text is in an array?

    For example, I type in 1, and it checks the array to see if the array has the value: (1), if it does not, then it displays a message, if it does, then it displays another message.

  24. sir, you are awesome. Keep continuing

  25. Thank you very much for this tutorial!! 🙂

  26. Your speaking is awful, but coding is goof

  27. I have one requirement when start re-typing on errored editText the error line under editText field should disappear. How to achieve this?

  28. You are PRO! for beginners

  29. thanks bro…its really helped me

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