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Unsichtbares Kamerahandy von Samsung!

Ein Blick auf Samsungs Patent für das Invisible Camera Phone für Smartphones im Vollbildmodus. Das Galaxy S11 kommt im Jahr 2020. Wir könnten im Laufe des Jahres etwas Großes erleben. Wir konnten unser erstes echtes Lünetten-Telefon mit versteckter Frontkamera sehen und dann etwas mehr.


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  1. The under display camera
    Speaker on the back
    the rear camera also under body?

    Future smarthphone?

  2. Extremely stupid rounded design.

  3. Invisible Camera In The Bathroom. 🤫😱

  4. Does Samsung not understand that people don't like curved screens?


  6. Finally but They already had it planned.

  7. That phone is ugly.. if that's the future I'll stay in the past with my s10

  8. I'm sure it's gonna be expensive for it's look but performance will be shit like always Samsung is shit
    It's just called business and manipulation

  9. No houls, notch and rutetsen camra and these phone are IP certified to.

    I have my A8, I bay these phone for wotherpruving and these phone is good yeat.

    A80 and all funns after A8 are knowt whoterpruf.

    That is a big dill for my. I dont whont be a gay wheat S10+, then I am not regenull person.

  10. Invisible camera and an invisible jack

  11. The voice never gets better God 🙏

  12. I really love the topics you talk about, but the way you talk really grind my gears

  13. Looks so bad but i hope they use the camera

  14. the invisible camera tech was first shown by oppo and xiaomi not vivo. Great videos but I think that you should add some bass in your voice because its shrilling in my ears/.

  15. See you in about 5 years, Samsung

  16. I was waiting for this phone but now i know that I know that samsung is going back to the en of the 20 century with the design am going with the s 10 or apple

  17. Samsung: 10+ 999
    Apple: stand 999

  18. Do you know how to speak properly or do you have an accent

  19. How are you supposed to watch movies/videos when all sides are curved????

  20. That lets go digital logo made it look like an old phone.

  21. There not going to show of something that isn’t actually ready
    Cough galaxy fold

  22. Samsung might steal it from the Chinese manufacturers

  23. Iam done with Samsung. There customer service is pure trash. This s10+ will be my last. There trade in program is a pure way to steal phones. They are hypocrites. They make fun of Apple all ove tv about the headphone Jack. But then they do the same all in a attempt to make more money on galaxy buds and dongles. There not listening to there customers. Its all about money. Then they keep raising the price. I would rather have good customer service and not as good as phone

  24. And GCam is the default camera app 🤣

  25. That patent looks amazing but am sure it won't happen until galaxy S12

  26. The note 20 is gonna have shit durability cause if it hits any of those corners it's fucked

  27. Rounded Design is a no go. The back of the phone also looks ugly too; they need to stick with the S10 sideway rectangle camera look on the back.

  28. It's just a concept…not the actual design

  29. This is exactly why I love Samsung

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