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US-Banken haben Angst vor chinesischen Zahlungsanwendungen

Wenn Mobile-Payment-Apps in den USA genauso populär werden wie in China, würden die Banken projizierte Einnahmen in Höhe von 43 Milliarden US-Dollar pro Jahr verlieren. Bloomberg QuickTake erklärt, wie billig und einfach das Bezahlen per Telefon eines der profitabelsten Unternehmen der Bankenbranche bedroht.

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  1. The bank system in the USA is pretty primitive.

  2. ///

    Buy crypto once with money. /stop

    Start //
    Buy more crypto with crypto. Trade up in crypto. Put crypto into hard wallet. Debit crypto out of your hard wallet onto a burner debit card offered w/o KYC. / Repeat. //


  3. How do user in China load his WeChat to make payments?

  4. For people from the civilized part of the world, like Canada, Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand etc, visiting USA is just like visiting a museum…..

  5. So how and what do chinese people use as currency?

  6. One reason why the US thinks it's about time to strike China: They dare touch the cheese of american captalist!

  7. Cramer said VISA and master card Are going to clean up in China if theChinese let them in. 🙄

  8. In China only. But even chinese global payments or monetray movement goes through the BIS/WORLD BANK/IMF which are controlled by one and only one group of people.
    So the impact on US blablabla is out of subject.
    The True and Genuine and Courageous act for China or any other country is to deal outside the world wide bank web. But this will not happen…….. unless a NEWEST WORLD ORDER takes place and it takes generations

  9. Fuck banks… what an easy job .. work 9-3 and make money off of loaning people money… every bible condemns it

  10. it’s had come to a point that small stores favourite the app transaction than cash, saying they are running out of paper bills……

  11. Dont tell Trump about this… Pretty sure he will do AMAZING things with this GREAT knowledge

  12. You still need a physical bank account to use Alipay/WeChat Pay

  13. They never explained how any of this works if they cut out the bank.
    Maybe they charge your phone bill, but most people use their bank account or credit card to pay their phone bill and thise are run by banks.
    So how do they cut out banl, really?

  14. Banks are not "bad". Wall Street is bad.

  15. Poor banks!, I bet most people had a tear in their eye watching this.

  16. A cyber attack to Alipay and wechat can bring down Chinese communist government.

  17. Rest of the world is scared of Google Payment services 🤣

  18. A bank account is needed to use wechat pay or alipay.

    That being said, many north Americans are complaining about the lack technological integration such as payment methods as a primary example because:
    1) it singles out people who can't get bank account and/or people who don't have phones
    2) they are scared they may lose their privacy as governments may spy on them.

    In China, we haven't given up much of our freedom and liberty to have access to these things cause honestly because the vast majority of our transactions are spent on everyday things. The north american consumer overly paranoid and the corporate world is too selfish and greedy to let progress happen.

    That's my 2 cents.

    By the way, i'm also a Canadian citizen.

  19. it is great to cut out the middle man, that's saving 3% for all transaction and almost 0 fraud transaction, that can save about 5% if you count fraud charge backs for merchants. Customers however dont give a fuck because they dont realize they are also paying for it which reflected on final price

  20. I hate banks as much as anyone but having an intermediary is not always bad, especially in cases of fraud.

  21. payment with cashless/cardless transaction. cough so was Bitcoin.

  22. Own bitcoin and you will be a rich mother fucker in the next 5 years.

  23. That's all great. But, the Chinese have somthing in common with Americans since they have no bank accounts. They dont have any retirement either. They like Americans are going to live forever. I think their system is awesome, but I think about the future and not just the present.

  24. Short banks. Long bitcoin.

  25. The US is so paranoid about China at the moment they need to look at them fucking selves.. haven't you ever seen the film Snowden… You are getting spied on by your own government and companies like a Google and Microsoft wey more than the Chinese are spying..

  26. American Consumers are terrified of the high fees from American Banks.

  27. One question… If you want an app to pay anything…you need an account… so a bank…. Banks can add fees to merchants for the transaction even though…You dont need plastic cards or cash… but you need an account… Except if that account comes from a state bank…But that bank will also need to have a profit in order to work properly…so again fees…dont get the point of the video

  28. Its not just china. European banks allow mobile payment. Oddly though They welcome these services. European banks make money off these other services so the more you use it the more banks make and the more these companies make. Why are US banks not seeing the growth potential?

  29. Ok, but where the data of the money (who owns what) is stored if not in banks? Is it stored in datacenters owned by who?

  30. Well ever heard of PayPal?

  31. This piece is too shallow
    You can buy with Paypal without using a bank account too
    but as a Merchant you need a bank account to withdraw your funds or a debit card like Payoneer offers.

  32. Money will eventually be borderless, stateless and truly peer to peer. In the mean time, antiquated governments and central banks will throw tantrum after tantrum.

  33. Im lost. So when I pay using Apple pay its tied to my debit card and comes out of my checking account. When they pay using Alibaba, where does it come from ?

  34. Trump is ironically the biggest snowflake on this planet. What a fucking cunt.

  35. Let’s get ride of money please

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