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US-Verbot, die High-End- und 5G-Produkte von Huawei nicht zu beeinträchtigen: Ren

Die Beschränkungen in den USA betreffen nicht die High-End-Produkte von Huawei, insbesondere im 5G-Bereich: Huawei-Präsident

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  1. Trumpeter ban will spur more Chinese innovations.

  2. Expect more CEOs' daughters being kidnapped by the US.

  3. Pls Kick usa terrorist gov. Go huawei. In Indonesia Ford motor out of bussiness, welcome wuling. I have 2 wuling cars. 3 xiaomi phones, 3 midea air conditioner. And 0 usa product

  4. Highly professional. Unlike lousy losers…..they can't win so they banned others.

  5. It are the Zionic fake jews who always creating worldwide troubles!
    Trump and many others are all Zionic Rothschild Poodles!

  6. Americans say to Germans: Don't buy Huawei 5G equipment!
    Germans: How do you know we want to buy it?

    Americans: I heard it on the phone from Ms. Merkel Prime Minister!

  7. China is THE mass matket. They can squash US monopolist big tech and DESTROY US monopolies in hardware as for operating systems.

  8. Its time for China with the BIGGEST MASS MARKET to destroy US big tech monopolists like Google and Microsoff Apple and Intel that have abused us all with their outrageous profit margins.

  9. Dreaming is sweet, Reality sucks. that why your life sucks too. Huawei is dead.

  10. China must consider stopping rare earth materials to US. Chinese should stop buying anything US-made as a lesson to Trump.

  11. China should internationalize Youku, since Youku is much better than YouTube. If Youku is available in different languages, it will over take YouTube for sure. Fuck google

  12. actually, it's white people afraid competition, they can't compete with East Asians and they can do anything to stop it
    . I can give you guys a future vision: Whites will be defeated by Asians and future white female will bow down to Asian males, and white males will be exterminated spiritually or physically

  13. China may be flat on all smartphones that come from the United States by banning Apple, pixels & Mottola Does not provide Internet access to 4G networks in China, and has immediate effect.

  14. lmao they still need the us made chips

  15. US companies will loose business but not H way
    They will build even more
    Advanced space technology
    the US will not be allowed access to this technology
    it can keep the Snail 4 g
    And fall below india

  16. Huawei shall make their own software if they are serious to sell their phone, so do Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, etc. like the days when Nokia era was before. Lets everybody make their apps to every platform. Android belong to Google

  17. I will simply keep on buying made in China, LOL.

  18. US will be responsible for their bad deed at the end of the day. The law of karma will be after them!

  19. Science and technology professionals from all over the world, go to China to develop! Countering Hegemony The United States is suppressing Chinese technology companies with disgraceful means, and at the same time creating a better life for the benefit of mankind.

  20. We are watching the US, in desperation, trying not to loose the no.1 position in the world (economicaly).

  21. Please try huawei P30 pro.we want to see it.please.

  22. Throw in the names of a bunch of Huawei's US suppliers here: Broadcomm, Qualcomm, Intel, Nvidia, Micron, Xilinx, Skyworks, Qorvo, Cadence, Synopsys, ARM, Google, Oracle, NXP, TSMC…… Welcome to add to this list if you can.

  23. China huawei evil . qanon

  24. Huawei main clients are corporate groups not smartphones.

  25. When huawei 5g Africa, US back to Stone ages and US will split into different countries.

  26. I support huawei and f*8k trumptard.

  27. Let's starting the 6G now because the 5G had already done

  28. Time for an dualboot opensource Android development combined with Linux and preinstalled emulators for some microsoft/gaming software

  29. Its benefits them instead. In a lot of way.

  30. White Americans have a tendency to run amok when the tie goes against them.
    They must learn to behave.

  31. I like Huawei, but I am opposed to 5G technology. It is harmful. All micro radiation is slightly harmful. Scientists are starting to understand why. I'm also opposed to ATT or any other carriers attempting to install 5G.

  32. Remember how USA destroyed Iraq and Libya. Anglo American Zionist the axis of evil.

  33. I want to. Hear from american peoples perspective towards huawei 🤔

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