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USA, Google Einschränkungen bei Huawei: Analyse

Die US-Regierung hat Huawei auf ihre Export-Blacklist gesetzt und Google hat das chinesische Technologieunternehmen daran gehindert, auf einige seiner Android-Updates zuzugreifen. Beobachter sprechen darüber, wie sich die Entwicklungen auf Huawei auswirken könnten, obwohl die Handelsbeschränkungen in den USA vorübergehend gelockert wurden.

'Plan B': Kopfschmerzen des Huawei-Betriebssystems nach Android-Sperrung
Laut Huawei-Gründer unterschätzen die USA das Unternehmen

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  1. the video started with "at the end of the day, its the matter of trust" lol… you can trust your data to COMMUNIST MILITARY COMPANY? lol

  2. Can’t wait to see the US suffer another long overdue catastrophic terrorist attack for their vicious underhanded tactics against Huawei.

  3. I don't need google apps and services. Waiting for google less Huawei phone. I hope Huawei make a great one with a low price.

  4. Google is just another US Gov puppet and i bet they do open back door for the US GOV to spy. In this, i do respect apply when they reject the request to open it's back door to the US Gov when they ask them to do a so. 🖕 You. Google. A company that has no integrity, lose my respect on them. So call comply to the new rule of the policy.

  5. China should create a stronger search browser than Google and be a Chinese programming. By this, Google will be collapsed and all countries will stand by China because America has become a grievance to weak countries and plundering their wealth. America must help African countries to open up

  6. China should create a stronger search browser from Google and be a Chinese programming. By this, Google will be collapsed and all countries will stand by China because America has become a grievance to weak countries and plundering their wealth. America must help African countries to open up

  7. What happens if China bans Iphone in China with the same reasons US is using against Huawe? So much for the free market. Some people are really itching for a real war.

  8. I am waiting for Huawei new os.

  9. america is scared.. cos huawei gonna take over apple one day.. so they came up wif smtg

  10. The problem for for Huawei is the Google services m, especially YouTube. I'm not sure how popular YouTube is around other parts of the world. Many people want a alternative to Google anyway. This could be a good thing in the long run

  11. Trump has illegally kidnapped a young lady from Huawei as a hostage in order to obtain money and 5G technology. How could kind Americans of democracy allowed their government’s atrocities?

  12. US Military has the biggest budget in the world,3 times more than that of China’s. USA. Is the biggest war mongor. USA started close to 30 wars against small and weak countries ever since WW2. USA created millions and millions of refugees and deaths to these countries.

  13. facebook, google, android, ios are from america. suppose Huawei has to develop it's own OS, i dont think it will not work well in the next five years because consumer confidence is important. although Huawei is great now but they havnt had their own things that is like OS, social media apps, important for any brand. So like apple that they declined in sales, huawei will suffer too.

  14. As US said, Huawei is a China gov control company. So now Google and chips suppliers companies compel to ban Huawei under US gov are not what US gov said about Huawei? It seems more and more everyday we hear about US stopping companies or countries doing something, but they themselves US can do it. The true colors of bulling is so obvious at US. Let's see what's in store for US in times to come, like Boeing crashed, F16 and F35 crashed, space shuttles crashed etc etc. Shit luck will goes more to US.

  15. let me guess, huawei phone sale increase 30% in Q2.

  16. the loser will be US company missing billion just follow the greedy and moron trump and the gang

  17. China is not as innocent as naive people may think. If you are China people or Chinese you maybe biased towards China. That's a human nature, to be dishonest. If you are American, you likely to side America. It's all human nature. Both countries are not innocent. They are two types of bullys. Why care who wins? It's inevitable. It's vested interest that people are siding either one. But the fact is both want to destroy the other. Both are bullys.

    In short, there are no right or wrong. It's human nature. One human characteristic is Corruption. Dishonesty. Greedy. This is what makes us human

  18. What happen on my nova 3i if the google did not give an updates on huawei phones

  19. I never knew that the US is such a powerful country, that the world rely more on USA than the US rely on the world. What are a great country

  20. And you call the first guy an "expert"?!

  21. Tech wars hmmm china on the move

  22. zte collapsed- huawei will not !

  23. If Huawei can come up with an international OS I'd buy one to try out. For me this M20X is the best phone I've ever purchased.

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