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Verwendung der vollständigen gestischen Navigation von Android

Mehr Android Q-Berichterstattung:
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  1. I really don't like the design and placement of the navigation of iPhones. Now they decided to bring that to Android. Why not just make it invisible?

  2. The navigation bar is really close to the bezel. Maybe on the pixel 4 it might have a smaller or no bezel.
    Most likely smaller .

  3. If google read my comment,
    Please fix the gesture, make it totally like iphone or miui.
    You give a line like home button but you take a tine space beside it. Look at iPhone, how the do it. Please google, do it better.

  4. That looks like a right fucking mess lol. The pill system am the moment it's good enough. I don't want to be doing summersaults with the fucking phone

  5. Another reason to switch from iPhone to Android. I really don't like Android P's navigation, but Q fixes it.

  6. Samsung's One Hand Operation + (from their Goodlock app) is still the best!


  8. I hope they still give us the option of keeping the back button and stuff. I like the way things are. I don't mind using some of the new gestures but I hope we still have choice to keep the back button if I want to.

  9. How do you activate Picture In Picture in YouTube? I activated it once by mistake but I don't know how I did it

  10. I was unable to use pip mode how to do that??

  11. Have been using it for a day. Kinda hate it. Google seems to have totally forgotten that swiping from the edges in apps causes other actions, like opening the hamburger menu in so many apps.

  12. If your waving your fingers around, why not just touch the screen.

  13. Google straight up ripping Apple

  14. I like these gestures compared to pie

  15. If they can fix the hamburger menu problem, these gestures are just as good as iOS.

  16. Navigation gestures = more of what most people don't need or want.

  17. They need to add a way to hide the bar in the settings

  18. The new gestures are absolutely terrible

  19. How stable is everything right now in B3 and how're guesters working in it, is it smooth enough?
    How's the battery life in comparison to pie and beta2?

  20. Miui gestures are the best right after iOS gestures.

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