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Walmart Onn Android Tablet Review – Günstig, aber nicht viel zu erwarten …

Walmart tritt mit seinem eigenen Android-Tablet unter 100 US-Dollar direkt gegen Amazon an. Das Walmart Onn verfügt über ein Android 9-Betriebssystem, 16 GB Speicher und einen 1,3-GHz-Quad-Core-Prozessor. Jason Howell gibt seine Rezension.

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  1. STOP putting cameras on tablets – invest instead on the battery, screen, or processor.

  2. This is the 2nd month that i own mines an it just fine. I wanted a tablet for my game room soon to come it do the job. I spent More time on it then my ps3 slim, xbox 360, Wii. I can say i own a tablet 10' Onn. As i speak im Onn it. I even have phone call Onn it… By the way Put a Master Cleaner Onn it an it's good!…. No Pic's that's all im saying. keep plug in just to be safe. I play alot of music onn it

  3. Should I purchase the 8inch or 10.1 inch ? Is there any difference ?

  4. can replace my coaster….

  5. Best buy Digiland 10 inch tablet is about the same quality.

  6. You said "the display itself isn't HD", but it's 720p which is HD. It's not "full HD". But it is HD. And it's odd that the device won't let you watch Vudu HDX content. The Fire HD 8 (which is also 720p) can. And Walmart owns Vudu. So, you'd think they'd want that video to look as good as possible.

  7. 2014 called and they want their tablet back!

  8. Walmart Onn… The extra "n" is for "no thanks!"

  9. Red after shocks where always my favs

  10. So what you’re saying is that it’s Wal-Mart in a tablet – cheap in every sense of the word.

  11. Somebody really needs to do a side by side with the kindle fires equivalents.

  12. Okay for a retirees/pensioners in middle America and the rust belt.

  13. IMO this should have either never been produced in this configuration, or should have been marketed mostly for kids at an even lower price point. It seems it falls way short in almost everything. 🙁

  14. Sky force reloaded is my fav too! Great mobile game.

  15. It's easy to put android apps on a fire tablet. It takes a tiny bit of effort, but it's not hard.

  16. "Greeting card speakers" love that comparison.

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