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Walmart Onn Android Tablets Review: 8 "und 10,1" preiswerte Tablets

Finden Sie eines bei Walmart: (Affiliate-Link) – Walmart bietet zwei Android-Tablets zu sehr vernünftigen Preisen an. Ihre 8 "Version kostet nur 64 $ und die 10.1" kostet 79 $. Weitere Tablets anzeigen: und abonnieren!

00:18 – Preis
00:50 – Hardwareübersicht
00:57 – Systemspezifikationen
01.07 – Anzeige
01:55 – Unterschiede zwischen 8 "und 10,1"
02:20 – Walmart Bloatware
03:27 – Zweite Version des 10 "Tablets
03:45 – Garantie
04:09 – Gewicht
04:18 – Akkulaufzeit
04:31 – Häfen
05:50 – Leistung: YouTube
06:32 – Anzeigequalität
07:09 – Leistung: Webbrowsing
07:24 – Gaming: Ziegensimulator
08:09 – Spiel: PacMan 256
08:20 – Gaming: Retro Arc Emulator
08:51 – 3dMark Slingshot Benchmark Test
09:22 – Letzte Gedanken

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  1. Do these have GPS build in?

  2. Battery 5 hours……kidding, I hope

  3. Does it run Android 9.0 GO or full version? Are security updates being made?

  4. Is The android OS 64 bit or 32 bit? With the push for 64bit compliance several games and applications are becoming incompatible with the 32bit version of Android. EVEN IF the processor is 64 bit IF the OS is NOT then a large number of apps and games just will NOT run.

  5. "I bought these tablets with my own money. No one is paying for this review."

  6. I miss the 8 inch Android and windows tablets. #Acer bring them back. 🙋

  7. Having seen People of WalMart, Goat simulator is a great game to show on this video. Just curious, did you eat fried chicken before you talked about these? That screen is mostly fingerprints, eek……

  8. Between then 10 inch vs the Fire 10, I think it comes down to display vs full Android. For me I am in the market for the better display. I do not use much advanced apps beyond the basics.

  9. made a mistake getting Fire Tablet……. after about 2 hours with it.. wanted to fire it out the window..!!

  10. I thought I'd throw in my 2¢… Performance is good for a 2GB tablet. It will link to my el-cheapo bluetooth OBD2 reader, which is more than I can say for my cellphone. The display is acceptable; colors are OK; battery life is abysmal. The included brick is not powerful enough to keep the tablet charged with the display on, so if watching videos is your thing I suggest getting a more powerful brick (an official Raspberry Pi PSU works fine). USB connectivity is hit-or-miss.. All the keyboard/mouse combos I tried worked, as did my wired logitech gamepad. Some memory sticks worked (brand didn't seem to matter). But none of my USB cameras or wireless game controllers would work (bummer, 'cuz I basically wanted it for a cheap engine diagnostic tool). As it stands, it makes a great monitor for my security cameras (with an upgraded PSU).

  11. great review! thank you!

  12. Disable those 5 Walmart apps they drain the battery real fast.

  13. How come when u plug in the headphones u still hear it from the tablet. The noise is driving me crazy

  14. Can anyone tell me if the screen is glass or plastic?

  15. You forgot to mention the BEST reason to buy one of these tablets: GPS!!! I have been able to install and run Pokemon GO on my 10" w/ Keyboard version and GPS testing apps confirm signal as well. Fire tablets do not have gps capability, so your value per dollar is far greater with the ONN brand budget tablets. Please make an additional video so consumers know that GPS is available please 🙂

  16. Always good and very helpful, Thank you for the upload.

  17. Wow it looks like small Jlab tablet design 😎😎

  18. This might make a nice addition to my Home Assistant based home automation system as a control panel on the wall. I bought a cheap Amazon Fire tablet for this purpose, but it's fights you all the way with the ads and proprietary browser and having to stand on your head to get other applications from Google Play loaded and running well.

  19. This Tablet is awesome it works well and I have the 10-inch version and it came with a screen protector already on it 👍

  20. Not bad. And just think, if you want a Samsung tablet with 2gb of ram, you are gonna pay close to $200 for it.

  21. Does the microphone not work if you use video chat on Google Hangouts on this tablet? Been hearing conflicting reports.

  22. A quick clean with a microfiber cleaning cloth would make the finger prints go away – the ones that are so very obvious in your opening shots.

  23. FYI, the one with the keyboard is designed differently than the standard 10.1 inch; it has the pogo port at the bottom, though it doesn't stay connected quite well.

  24. Watching a tablet review on my tablet..

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