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Warum die FCC den Zusammenschluss von T-Mobile und Sprint genehmigen wird

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  1. I guess this is bad news for a Sprint customer like me seeing how this merger will be with T-Mobile. So I'm think Verizon might be interested of my money. This merger will be expensive.

  2. Just looking at that tool's face (Pai) can ruin your dinner… That he's supporting this is a gold feather in his rotting cap…

  3. Sprint sucks like donkey balls

  4. I don't think it's good news. Probably terrible for the Sprint employees in KC.

  5. Well if they do merge I hope there stock of headphones/phones/tablets.get better.

  6. I don't see Legere going anywhere. In what other company as CEO could he ever have so much fun and be himself. I wouldn't trade that for the world.

  7. Boost mobile will probably be sold of and att or Verizon will have to get them. Maybe even metropcs in the end sold off as well.

  8. But doj says no. They don’t want 5g, they don’t want the USA to be number 1 in the world. Are they obeying Russia’s orders or China’s.

  9. John gonna be like : I got my bonus fuck this shit I'm out!

  10. If John leaves the New T-Mobile is doom. The guy running Sprint sucks they are in a lot of debt. The reason they really need someone to bail them out. If he takes over as CEO he will ruin T-Mobile also. I don't see that happening.


  12. I really don't want John leaving T mobile if that's even true but that would be his decision I'm sure Mike what do a good job running the company that's a big fat if John leaves the company

  13. I wonder who will pick up Boost if the merger is 100% finalized 🤔

  14. I'm not getting a new phone any time soon. Waiting for nation wide 5G.

  15. My Sprint service is horrible ! I'm hoping that with the merger my service gets improved.

  16. Thank God their keeping Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, and Virgin Mobile for those people using those services.

  17. Without John t mobile would go back to being like the others

  18. What do you think the baby will be called

  19. I definitely ship tmobile and SPRINT

  20. Would that make America movil the 4th largest national carrier or are they still just like a regional MVNO? Consumer Cellular+net10+straight talk+TracFone= a lot of subscribers

  21. My 500 Sprint shares earned well today! Glad I bought nearly a year ago. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  22. I think you should do a poll to see how many of your viewers have some type of stake in this merger. Whether that is because they are invested through stocks or are dealers with T-Mobile, metro, and boost stores or a combination.

  23. I really hope Verizon buys boost mobile.
    Boost by Verizon!

  24. No one cares but sprint customers are screwed still dont believe any of it and even though boost is sold Magenta still gets paid by the mvno

  25. Wow this is awesome news thanks again Sneed mobile tech I can't wait until this is all worked out and hopefully customers don't have to pay the price at the end of the day several years down the road I can understand both sides of the spectrum

  26. Finally some solid good news💯

  27. Finally some great news in getting rid of that clown Yahoo John Legere.

    *Now if this proves to be true then I'm definitely onboard for this merger. That small piece of Intel is the swaying for me.

    John must go John must go John must go John must go.

  28. Sneed, can I keep my sprint grandfathered plan for 3 years without T-Mobile them raising my low rate?

  29. I don’t think John wants he loves people way too much he’s Batman

  30. I’m staying with AT&T, good news for T-Mobile though.

  31. we gotta collaborate I like the way you think

  32. I know there gonna be a management shakeup but i doubt legere is gonna stop being CEO he’s the key to their success and to the brand. They aren’t that dumb

  33. We know the fcc is going to approve it. DOJ is key now. The sale of boost is not a huge loss anyways and most importantly no divesture of spectrum

  34. 🙂👍 I hope I get an Awesome New Plans to Offer!

  35. What do you mean John isnt going to be sticking around? Hes still going to be CEO of New T-Mobile

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