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Was bedeutet die Google Android-Sperre für Huawei-Benutzer?

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Durch die Einstellung der wichtigsten Software- und technischen Dienste für das chinesische Unternehmen hat es nur Zugriff auf die öffentlich verfügbare Basisversion des Android-Betriebssystems

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  1. so this means that huawei users won't have youtube ?

  2. My first year using it….

  3. Im using huwawei😅😅😅

  4. To achieve small success man need friends, to achieve great success man need foe, I see the birth of great new hardware & system on the horizon. Thanks to US.

  5. What a Mess ! As A north American am deeply concerned about our deteriorating relations with China, politically and economically as last December in Canada, my country the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER of HUAWEI Cathy MENG was arrested on a extradition treaty with the United States. Growing and escalating Trade War aside, the Questions still remain ! One being : IS or HAS HUAWEI actually engaged in Espionage For The Communist Party of China ???

  6. It's been proven that google actually does spy on you!! Spend the day in the company of your phone… Say the words "I need a new sofa" or "I need to cut the grass but the lawnmower is broke" Say that a few time during the day then the next day or sooner you'll be seeing adverts for sofas and lawnmowers. They are always listening!! Fight back, sign this petition to make out government act and put pressure on the US and it's companies.

    Join the cause… https://petition.parliament.uk/sponsors/68735383/verify?token=YiszKe0vG6aQ8EU4583

  7. Trump acting like a communist, who would of thought

  8. Us corruption has no limits i see

  9. I'm still in the returns period for my p30 pro should I send it back?

  10. myGAWD!!! i thought this was just ads by FT

  11. Android is open, Huawei can create or use other services. In addition users can rooter and install another version of Android OS as LineageOs with Google services. Easy? Not so difficult? Do not

    Google is NOT the owner of Android, Android does not have an owner because it is Open, that anyone can download the source code, and create an own version.

    What is closed are Google services such as the Play Store, Google Maps, etc.

    Android phones can root, change the operating system and install another version of Android.


  12. Down with the communist dictatorship of China. It’s over baby MAGA

  13. Sponsored by Apple and Samsung

  14. I would rather be spied by 10 Chinese governments than the US to be honest

  15. I come to YouTube to listen and watch content. Then they still make me read. Lol should have gone to the regular website.

  16. President Trump on Fox News being super strong and decisive on Iran click here to see more : https://clk.ink/2yHK4tHd

  17. China must be stopped…..

  18. Apparently people have never heard of rooting their phone.

  19. I'll just buy a cheap burner phone.

  20. in other words. NSA just lost access to millions of phones 😀

  21. this is dirty, Android is an open source software, Google does not charge the customers but has been making billions of dollars from cellphone manufactures and these manufacturers contributed tech and finance to the Android system until today, and suddenly now this? talking about credibility and business ethics. I thought the American believe the free market economy and the government doesn't interfere with private company business, the only communist country does it. this just shows how dirty and fake these westerns are. using paper dollars in exchange for other countries hard working goods and still yelling it is not fair? shameless.

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