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Was ist 5G? – Eine Aufschlüsselung der 5G – Technologie erklärt AT & T

TechMeOut untersucht alles, was Sie über die Zukunft der 5G-Technologie wissen müssen. Dieses neue, schnellere und zuverlässigere Netzwerk könnte das Internet verändern.
Arun Ghosh von AT & T Labs bricht die Details von Millimeterwellen auf und erklärt, warum dies für Technologien wie drahtloses AR-Gaming und selbstfahrende Autos wichtig ist.

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Über AT & T:
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Was ist 5G? – Eine Aufschlüsselung der 5G – Technologie erklärt AT & T


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  1. I have this plan and only pay $140 every month might add 2 more lines to get for the holiday for my family but love AT&T and the future is getting brighter 5G and a brighter network although they should open a lot celluar towers and more call centers that are open 24/7 because 65,000 network towers can’t cover the whole 50 states or in smaller cities and smaller towns plus large areas and cities like New York and Texas there’s needs to be more celluar towers and more call centers open and the customer service reps need major experience in the field before hiring them

  2. …….5G is important for wireless online gaming and self driving cars"…. Great, because these are the two things my future must have….. Yes… No! For real? My gosh…. Marketing is so goofy….. Who cares about gaming and self driving cars….. What about the real thing going on behind the scene….. The real reasons for this…… Glad all the gamers will have quicker phones but is this our priority now? Yikes.

  3. When even National Geographic and Scientific American agree that 5G damages DNA, alters reproductive systems, causes insomnia, memory loss, and increases cancer rates in all animals, that SHOULD be enough to put an end to it! Our phones are fast enough already!!!!

  4. 5G No worries we only live once lol..

  5. Not sure if people are leaving chicago because of 5G cancer waves. Or just crime.

  6. Has anyone seen my baseball card collection? It's always been in my attic but for some reason it's not here anymore. Last time I saw it was a few months ago. It was in a blue metal container with a silver lining on the side. Also, it's quite old so it's distinctively a little rusty If anyone has an idea of where they might be I'd really appreciate the help.

  7. aaaand… ? im not getting know anything from this movie

  8. Very nice techno crazy music, but for the 5G I have no clue what the heck they were talking about.

  9. I believe this is not to benefit use in the long run.

  10. Why so many anti, Why not satellites ??????

  11. I have a sprint Samsung galaxy 5g phone and I got 511 mbps….sprint is the real deal att is fake ha ha

  12. I have a sprint Samsung galaxy 5g phone and I got 511 mbps….sprint is the real deal att is fake ha ha

  13. 5g is a military grade weapon. These companies only care about money.

  14. It's called background music for a reason.

  15. The frequency is a weapon and could be used as a weapon against any population AT&T must be barking made

  16. I didn't expect and didn't wanted a degree course on 5G, but I nevertheless expected a more detailed and technical explanation, from AT&T.

  17. Turn down that poxy music so we can hear what they're saying!

  18. Let's see the research on the health effects of having constant high frequency radio signal hitting your body ALL the time. C'mon…LET US SE IT.

  19. Completely pointless video. The presenter seems more committed with her appearance then explaining the viewer what makes up 5G and where it differs from 4G. That shows in the sections where the background music has to support presenter's "coolness" and we cannot hear what is being said. I suggest the presenter drops complex technical matters and reclaims her position in front of the mirror.

  20. Stupid music…excellent content!

  21. That's 4,5 minutes of 5waG! Good job, sis.

  22. need to make it resistant to e bombs and nuclear explosions so i can watch cartoons.

  23. don't trust AT &T, they are thiefs

  24. Where are the studies demonstrate the effect on a Human Body by having a Radio Wave Towers on every Block?

  25. The Background Music is Soooo Annoying!

  26. I can’t even get hooked up with WiFi in my home from AT&T . Yes it’s available in my area but there isn’t enough ports available in my area. I live in a small town and I have been on a waiting list for years now. Why not make more ports available . That would be more $$for AT&T

  27. Hmm next should be aG oG loG sunoG

  28. Your mind will be blown after 5G comes out.

  29. Cool. Thats all the positive things coming from 5G…
    What about the negative? What about the health of the public?
    Tinnitus, migranes, muscle & brain fatiuge, brain tissue damage, difficulty thinking straight, & of course cancer all come from MM waves.
    Stop pushing this onto people without doing proper lab & medical testing.

  30. I am thinking 5g isn't about you/us, but about the technology and its implications. Its evolution has been developing right under your noses for years and you never even noticed. Clue: just bumps in the road.

  31. Have these frequencies been tested on living tissues for effect? Any studies?

  32. Been with AT&T since before it was Cingular, then I went to Cingular and them back to AT&T. Their service was awesome but since about 2010 I’m really considering switching to another company…

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