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** In 1080p ansehen **
"Folge mir"
Tictok: Savwayy
intagram: main / savannah.jo & spam account / tweeetyburdd
snap: josafina_7

Erstellt von @hxllyy auf Instagram
Musik von @calebhedberg auf Instagram & “Prod. Kiwi ”auf youtube

💸 aus
wochenendperücken: savway10
preciousbykate: SAVWAY
Kromacases: SavWay
meinownnecklace: Sav10
Betäubungslinsen: SAVWAY
schlammiger Körper: SAV15

wenn du mit mir arbeiten willst 📲
(nur geschäftliche Anfragen)

Fakten über mich me
Alter: 17
Geburtstag: Jan. 24. 2002
Lieblingsfarbe: gelb & schwarz
Höhe: 5 Fuß
film & edit: canon g7x mark ii & imovie
leben: Texas, yee yee

‼ ‼Ich besitze keine Rechte an der in diesem Video verwendeten Musik, alle Rechte gehen an den rechtmäßigen Besitzer‼‼

#savnation #savway

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  1. aww this is my first video watching of you, and you’re gorgeous! also, very brave for saying you’re a christian girl, me too ❤️.

  2. Do you edit of your computer or phone

  3. do you use a color filter setting on your iphone?

  4. You can also just ask Siri what the song is.

  5. Who else loves her daily videos as much as I do ♥

    Small YouTuber Here….. Help Me Out?

  6. Instead of Shazam, Siri works too…
    “what song is playing”

  7. So I'm confused I'm planning to get an XR and I don't know if I should get a 64GB or 128gb.

  8. Can’t wait til your at a MILL🤯💕

  9. iPhone case collection please !!

  10. I just ordered this case cause it finally came back in stock… can’t wait to get it 😍

  11. Your so pretty can’t relate and your buns are really cute also can’t relate 😂

  12. You have a really good i phone ca you don't need a new phone

  13. How did you get the blank screen on your phone ?

  14. whats the name off the app for womens thats cristian

  15. Just ordered this case when it came back in stock!! I need it right now 😂 did it take long to get to you?

  16. Как же меня бесит твой маник

  17. Hey I’ve never seen your channel before,and I like it ❤️ subscribe from me!

    Btw I’m a small ,YouTuber, trying to get to 30 subs by the end of June,if any other small YouTubers wanna go and support each other just tell me

  18. iPhone 5G, I work at Best Buy in Charlotte Carolina I’ll be leaking videos of it!

  19. Love the video! From Dallas raised in Rowlett since 23 years! Moved to Waco a year ago! 🙂

  20. wanna say you my favorite youtuber, very pretty!!

  21. There coming out with the iPhone 11 .I just got the Xs max

  22. U r very pretty 🙃
    I havé The black XR and was just wondering if you were thinking of getting the iPhone XR too since it's the newest one but either ways your phone is in great condition 😊

  23. I have an IPhone XR red color and my sister has a peach while my brother has a white and yes we all have iPhone XR

  24. Not trying to be mean but why are you bragging like what good does that do you spoiled bitch🖕🏼🙄🤬

  25. Is that case available for iPhone 7 Plus

  26. Ur lucky your comments still work

  27. I want that caseeeee

    p.s. im a small youtuber 🧸

  28. How do you add that extra slide on your home screen

  29. First time watching her videos. And last time. Very aesthetic but she talks a little too much

  30. You can also use Siri to find the song name, just ask her what am I listening to?

  31. U are so nice I like your channel so much

  32. love savway!

    also youtube here ❤️ look at my account

  33. why are so amazing ughhh. savway is the bestt!

  34. Stop just stop your ugly stop bragging o my going to get the new phone when it comes out no your not you live in a box you Broke into a house to fill this you just want to seem rich to get money from YouTube and you want to fake it to get a boyfriend just stop

  35. omg you’re a juice wrld fan !!😁😁😁 me tooooo☺️

  36. i started watching you yesterday, and i love your videos❤️

  37. My case is so cute it's covered in butter- *YouTube breaks

  38. I hope you don't mind me asking.. but on another video you said you weren't religious

  39. I love your room it’s sooo cute❤️😀😎😱👏🏼😍😘😌

  40. You look so pretty in this video, and I love ur case.

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