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Was ist neu im Zimmer? (Android Dev Summit & # 39; 19)

Raum bietet typsichere, leichte Ausdauer ohne Boilerplate – aber hier sind wir nicht stehen geblieben! In Raum 2.2 haben wir einige häufig nachgefragte Funktionen hinzugefügt: bessere Unterstützung für Beziehungen, Integration in Kotlin Flows, vorgefertigte Datenbanken, Teilentitäten, Schema-Standardwerte und schnellere Erstellungsgeschwindigkeit. In diesem Vortrag erfahren Sie mehr über diese Funktionen und deren Verwendung in Ihrer App. Sie ermöglichen erweiterte Funktionen und benötigen weniger Code zum Schreiben und Verwalten.

Präsentiert von: Florina Muntenescu, Daniel Santiago Rivera

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  1. Omg these puns😂
    Very interesting talk tho, thank you!

  2. Android dev summits are the most boring.
    Unity summits are the coolest. 😛

  3. I see you took the opportunity to impress everyone in the room with your puns 😛

  4. the Room jokes are cool 🙂

  5. Pre-package db feature was really needed, thanks for this 💯

  6. Can user dynamically create and delete tables from a database using Room?

    It seems like it works only with a predefined set of tables hardcoded by developer.

  7. What's the difference between Flow<Dog> and Flow<List<Dog>>? Doesn't Flow<List<Dog>> mean that it's a Flow of lists which seems weird to me because Flow itself can contain multiple dogs? Or has it to do something with Room giving the complete list at once?

  8. Good, but how to implement with Cipher?

  9. Features of Rooms are impressive but this talk had some room for Energy. Though 16 min but felt like its long.

  10. We need better room migrations helper classes

  11. really interesting stuff, i've been using the non stable builds of 2.2.0 and they came just in time for new features needed at work.
    Also, this is a shot in the dark, but:

    i have a "SELECT * from table_a, table_b, table_c…" for 8 different tables. the return type is a class with 8 Embedded classes, each having an embedded room entity and a 1:M Relation to a list of Entity.
    this return item is always null, except when all 8 tables are populated, in which case it returns the item with the subitems with the sublists.
    i have been working on a patchy workaround in the meantime, but i'm really curious as to why this behaviour is happening. is the query somehow worded wrong? is this beyond the capability of room, somehow, and i should query each of the 8 embedded classes individually and then create the return type myself?
    also, on that note, what would be the best approach to merge 8 livedatas into a new one, using a mediatorlivedata, and avoiding unnecessary data emission callbacks? thank you all!

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