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Was passiert jetzt mit Huawei-Smartphones und -Tablets?

Die Millionen von Menschen, die ein Huawei-Telefon gekauft haben, sind jetzt in einen globalen Handelskrieg verwickelt und könnten bald den Zugang zu mehreren populären Diensten verlieren.

Google hat angekündigt, das chinesische Unternehmen daran zu hindern, seine Smartphone-Betriebssysteme zu verwenden. Dies bedeutet, dass Verbraucher das Android-System auf ihren Handys nicht aktualisieren können und möglicherweise den Zugriff auf Google Apps wie Google Mail, YouTube und Google Maps verlieren.

Es folgt Donald Trumps Anweisung, das Computernetzwerk der Vereinigten Staaten vor ausländischen Gegnern zu schützen, was Huawei als "zynisch" bezeichnet.

Der leitende Korrespondent von Sky, David Bowden, berichtet.

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  1. Huawei and Iran team up

  2. I use Huawei and what should I do next?😞

  3. Well they did not have the balls to pull updates away from the Huawei users, if they had then Google could faced a class-action lawsuit from a shitload of Huawei consumers… XD

  4. i Just got the p30 pro and this bullshit comes out of nowhere , should i keep my phone ? ?

  5. Who are we? Well clearly the intelligence branch of the Chinese government. But is your data more vulnerable in the hands of the Beijing politburo or getting sold to the highest bidder by Zuckerberg

  6. I almost buyed Huawei P30 Pro and now this happened!

  7. Whats to stop the people not residents within the United States for suing the president for denying their consumer rights? There is definitely a law suit here, question is. Will it ensue to hundreds of thousands if not several million people willing to take the president to court to claim compensation for being denied to use a mobile handset or laptop they so chose to want to use?

  8. This ban will not affect the clever people who knows stuff.

  9. Goodbye Android, and hello Hongmeng.

  10. Time to buy a Huawei I think 👍

  11. Just have two phones simple. Andy England

  12. It's common to have two smart phones today. So, I will continue to use Huawei with its newest technology and buy a cheap non-US smart phone for accessing youtube and android. However, I will not buy an i-phone any more. LOL

  13. US Military has the biggest budget in the world, 3 times more than that of China’s. USA is the biggest war mongor. USA started close to 30 wars against small and weak countries ever since WW2. USA created millions and millions of refugees and deaths to these countries. How could kind Americans of democracy allowed their government’s atrocities?

  14. Please don’t forget Trump has illegally kidnapped a young lady from Huawei as a hostage in order to obtain money and 5G technology

  15. I have a SAMSUNG smart phone way better quality than Huawei. It is not made by Communist Poodles 🐩🐩🐩 it is made by Democratic South Korea.

  16. China are going to spy on me? Is everyone forgetting that Samsung and Apple and amazon alexa devices already have that capability!? This is just the US govenment being greedy and power hungry as they can't spy on people as easy when they use Huawei.

  17. The way that guy says Huawei sounds like he's sneezing 🤣

  18. If I'm gonna be spied on anyway by the USA (…expensive), I'd like to continue getting spied on by others – atleast at a reasonable price and better technology! My next phone…..HUAWEI.

  19. If i would buy honor play will i get software update after 90 days

  20. ios, windows ,and android …
    .that was the gigantic name when its comes to o.s. today..even if huawei make their own …how poor huawei is, its MADE FROM CHINA AND CHINA PRODUCTS ARE GARBAGE.

  21. This is clearly nothing to do with, protecting my data from China.

  22. watch out for Hong Meng the OS international OS from HW, baidu outcompete Google im china. Baidu is domestic
    Hong Meng is international. HM will be launched soon.
    China must ban Apple and stop all rare earth export to USA today.
    no more discussion with usa. that it.

  23. The caption must be… WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO USA NOW?

  24. Bycot us companies and give work with Iran

  25. 一起联合起来,打到美帝国主义,傻逼

  26. 你看,美国联邦政府为了迫使中国政府谈判,强迫谷歌不给华为系统,特朗普吃相难看,去你妈的trump

  27. 华为不死鸟 Huawei The Phoenix, a new epic starts hereon.

  28. that cant stop China, More than 50 percent of American bonds holders are chinese lolzzz

  29. I think every company made its own OS software.

  30. The apple is behind in this madness

  31. How about we declare war on America?

  32. I would not trust my Company using Huawei smart phones any more. From now all of our employees working around the world on company business will not be allowed to use Huawei smartphone for security reason.

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