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Wasserdichter Smart Mod? Vandy Vape Swell Kit Bewertung! Finde mein Gerät!

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  1. Lol "batteries labled negative minus negative minus" hell yeah

  2. Are we just not gonna say anything about Bubbles making an appearance at the end? xD

  3. Like the review entertaining and informative. Thanks Twisted

  4. whats the song at the tanks and coils transition

  5. Are those coils compatible with any other coils like the Freemax?

  6. With the panels it would not be waterproof. Your batterys will get wet. But some great tech in there

  7. Negative, minus – negative, minus – uhh what? lol. 5:25

  8. Lil flip a.k.a “The Freestyle King” a.k.a “The Leprechaun”. I still bump him to this day! I love this mod as well.

  9. That's shirt is savage af bro! Love it!

  10. I fuckn luv ya bruh u always made me laugh thanks for all you do homie, great review

  11. Ice age Mike jones.. Who mike jones

  12. Vape Crusader you should have your own comic book lol bad ass shirt man

  13. Ah memes a man of culture

  14. Hey twisted…what the name of that song?

  15. "Its got a nice tall sexy tip on it"
    -Vaping with Twisted , 2019

  16. I can't wait for these to become available. Thanks Twisted!!

  17. Did u rlly think it was s well

  18. Drop it once goodbye looks cheaply made

  19. Is it just me or did anyone else hear him say Negative Minus when talking about the batteries lol. Still love the videos Twisted!

  20. Twisted you review ohm boy mod

  21. Am big fan bro any advice for me am new in vape world

  22. Omg that lil flip though!!!

  23. did i miss the water proof section? lol but i love the find my device. first iphone has the iwatch now vandy has the app cant wait to see what else is in vaping's future

  24. VapingwithCosby420 #quaaludejuice

    Swell VS Vaporesso Gen?

  25. Really digging the format of this video man. Informative and to the point. Digging it!

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