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Wie bekomme ich root auf jedem Android-Handy? [Universal Guide]

Hey, Leute! Dies ist das einzige Video, das Sie sehen müssen, wenn Sie lernen möchten, wie Sie Ihr Android-Handy rooten.

Dies ist eine universelle Anleitung, wie man jedes Android-Handy rootet, egal welches Android-Handy du hast.

Ich habe dieses Video in drei Teile geteilt. Achten Sie also darauf, dass Sie alle erforderlichen Teile anschauen. Überprüfen Sie die folgenden Links.


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1. So installieren Sie ADB & Fastboot

(Sie können dieses Video überspringen, wenn Sie ein Samsung-Benutzer sind.)

2. So entsperren Sie den Bootloader und installieren TWRP
Huawei / Ehre:

3. Rooten mit Magisk


So installieren Sie ein benutzerdefiniertes ROM

So installieren Sie Xposed Framework

So installieren Sie Substratum


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  1. How do u root samsung j2prime without a pc someone please help me ive tried so many apps

  2. Don't use king root

  3. Guess there is no way to rrot a phone for sure without using any PC .

  4. All this apk can,t root oppo f9 ram 4g

  5. Click bait. Not EVERY/ANY Android phone can be rooted. I already know mine can't be.

  6. Stop with the CLICKBAIT asshole, we all know some can't be rooted. Your the load your mother should have swallowed.

  7. The only way phones like the LG Stylo 4 can be rooted is for someone to find a corrupt software engineer that works for the company and would leak the bootloader algorithm. LG can kiss my a**.
    One of the best phones that was great for rooting was the mighty Huawei Nexus 6p. I have two as backup even though its no longer considered a "flagship" device. I gave this video a thumbs down because he doesnt bother to mention that inexperienced users that dont know what they are doing can easily brick their phone and end up with useless $300 paperweight.

  8. There's no link for unlocking OnePlus phones in the description

  9. Can someone give me the unlock bootloader code for huawei p20 lite LX2? Please help

  10. Ehem Vivo have an option in the developer mode thats lets you unlock the bootloader

  11. not any phone, huawei with new updates, isnt rootable

  12. Is an LG Stylo 3 & a 2-in-1 Pro12 Rootable?

  13. Boot loader for hauwie honor 7c

  14. Is posible root this mobile? Huawei Y9 2018 Fla-lx3
    Help please

  15. My phone shows that is a virus is it a real virus

    and if i root how do i unroot in any app

  16. I see everybody askin for a10 samsung thats crazy

  17. can you root a Coolpad defiant?

  18. all those programs are spywares.

  19. God damn he told you what site to check if TWRP is available for your device and quit being lazy and google "can my shitty phone be rooted".I learned all this shit on the net especially XDA do it and and youll find out how annoying it is when people want everything done for them.

  20. Can I root any1 root Samsung galaxy tab s4

  21. STOP BEGGING. He won't root a phone for you stop being stupid.
    just go to xda devs as he said.

  22. But I never found found my phone custom recovery name:Lava iris51

  23. I've watched the whole video, used your programs that you've put in the description, yet I don't seem to know how to actually do this. My phone is a ZTE Blade x Max Z983, much appreciated if you help out!

  24. My j1 mini doesn't want to root

  25. Can I root a Samsung Galaxy Tab A?

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