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Wie es sich anfühlt, ein Stellenangebot von FANG zu verlassen

Es ist ein gemischtes Gefühl, ein Stellenangebot von FANG zu verlassen.

Link zu meiner Programmiervideobibliothek:

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Laptop, den ich benutze:

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Es fühlt sich nicht gut an, in jedem Video einen Haftungsausschluss zu haben, aber so ist die Welt jetzt.
Alle Videos sind für pädagogische Zwecke und verwenden Sie sie mit Bedacht aus. Jedes Video kann einen kleinen Fehler enthalten. Bitte treffen Sie Entscheidungen, die auf Ihren Recherchen beruhen. Dieses Video zwingt Sie zu nichts.

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  1. i know my comments may be cliched but i am writing it because i want to help people suffring from same problem i suffred of
    i am with you. you can contact me for more sir always welcome

  2. in any case if i'll be able to meet you we can have a long conversation regarding this feeeling because i had it before and i know how to deal with it
    all i want to say that is follow what you like don't just think what society will say just do it we can talk if you want sir. when two people meet of same interest can make a productive thing

  3. no need to do job if you can generate it

  4. sir we as indians are so great we chould do anything we like and at a very grand level
    dont just leave the hope may be you can be a person beating those companies by your own company
    somone asked bill gates that why he more indians than americans than he said if i will stop hireing them there will be another microsoft basically i am affraid of there intellenge
    so please belive in you your skills will make you successful one day and for that you have to do one thing that is do what you wanna do and do what you can do whole day
    we all love you

  5. You should do your thing Sir

  6. A Man who sacrificed everything for us
    -Thank u Hitesh

  7. Am a fan of your videos. Not sure if am the only 1 who has this question. If you wish to not take the offer, y did u attend interview in first place. The time and effort of interviewers would have got wasted I believe.

  8. You are asking about… like…is it okay to choose a fabricated life that others happy… Or choose a life that makes you happy… What you think?…

  9. That’s definitely a moment to celebrate. I want to enjoy similar kind of moment and it’s a dream for me.

  10. I believe someday I can make a video like this mentioning Hitesh Choudhary's this video gave me hope
    ❤ from Bangladesh

  11. You are great sir through your work
    and of course you have voted also, black mark can be seen in your finger😊👍

  12. Yes, your decision make you unique. Life is too short why we waste life to earning money. Much better to live life our own choices and with our passion.

  13. Sir.. You're really great.. It's hard.. But all you're hardwork makes many students motivated..

  14. Congratulation for getting offer for big tech. As far as I know, this big tech companies interview process is quite complex, like white boarding interview, several round interviews. I am just curious to know, did you get offer without any kind of interview?

  15. So I will be commenting after 2 years exactly from today to ask you how does you feel now..!!

  16. Thank you for staying at with this amazing developer community, ya but it's very hard to reject such a great opportunity too…

  17. I think Sir -> do what you love to do that's it! No matter how much big offer you got! If you refuse offer you still have what you want to have! 😊 if something rong I said please ignore 😜

  18. Thanku for not accepting, please don't leave us:)

  19. You gotta do what makes you happy 😁

  20. Congratulations Sir💓😍 Feeling SuperHappy for You.. Thank you for being with Us

  21. Thanks for sharing your views with us.
    You'll definitely get what you really want.
    God Bless You.
    Thanks for being with us.

  22. Most probably, that company is Google

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