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Wie installiert man Cinema HD auf Amazon Firestick, Fire TV & Android TV Box !! NEU Update Mai 2019

Wie installiere ich 💥Cinema HD💥 auf Amazon Firestick, Fire TV & Android TV Box !! NEUES Update für Mai 2019 – Funktioniert mit Amazon Firestick 4K, Fire TV, Fire Cube, Nvidia Shield und mehr

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★ CINEMA HD ★ Wie Terrarium TV & CyberFlix TV Android App

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  1. You are SO GREAT! What I liked most about your directions, you go SLOW IN YOUR DIRECTIONS. You don't go at TOP SPEED. You give the audience time to navigate. I was able to keep up with you as you explained and showed us what to do. I did not have to keep replaying the video. Keep doing it this way! I was able to install Cinema without any problem. I did subscribed! Thanks so much again!

  2. Thanks again I can always count on you thank you for your easy directions 👍

  3. I don’t see the Cinema HD version in the store 🙁 – is it still available?

  4. I love how you took your time to explain, very professional. Thanks so much.

  5. Excellent easy to fallow the instruction.Thanks

  6. I like your video, you make it so easy to install. Thanks

  7. Will this work on the Fire TV Cube. I had no problem downloading it to the Fire Stick. When the app is open on the cube the screen populates movies and then keeps blinking and loading the same movie tiles.

  8. Can I get rid of all the advertising on your build? If not going to remove it!!!

  9. Easy to follow. Thank you!!!

  10. This worked!! We’ve always used kodi but I won’t go back after using this, it’s so much simpler, and thank you for showing us how to do this!!


  12. Thank you. These directions were awesome. No trouble installing. You explained it very well and with patience. I did not have to pause at all.

  13. thank you so much, great directions


  15. Amaaaaaazing!!! You are my hero. Thank you!!!

  16. It keeps saying my internet isn't connected but i go to the tv settings and network settings and test it and it says nothing is wrong what do i do?

  17. thank you this was very helpful youre a life saver lol i appreciate it

  18. i need help its showing the download finished but when i goto settings there is no downloads in my installed applications>> what do i do? this is a brand new firestick and i tried this fitsy not working

  19. Is anyone having issues with cinema hd

  20. This is amazing thank you so much. Do i need to change the settings back to off after its downloaded?

  21. Awesome!!!!! You are the best

  22. 🙋🏾 should we change the settings back?

  23. I've had this download and setup, so thank you! But I'm having a hard time finding and choosing the best streams to play. How do you know which is the best quality? And how does the downloads work? Is it better to download or stream?

  24. Thank you so much!! 🙂 There was a newer version of the cinema app that I downloaded but it works just fine, version “ v2.0.3 (original version) “ was not there. Again, thank you for these awesome instructions!!

  25. I put in the code that you said and it step-by-step but did not find the app that you show on your video cinema HD V2.0.3 original version

  26. Perfect thank you so much. 😃👍

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