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wie man seinen stil findet + das vertrauen, ihn zu tragen

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In diesem gesprächigen Video beantworte ich eine meiner am häufigsten gestellten Fragen: Wie finde ich meinen Stil und das Selbstvertrauen, das zu tragen, was ich will? Ich zerlege es in Schritte, von der Beurteilung, welche Kleidung Sie bereits am häufigsten in Ihrem Kleiderschrank tragen, über die Suche nach ästhetischen Inspirationen, den Bau eines Moodboards bis hin zu Tipps zum Einkaufen und zum Styling von Outfits.

Auf mich
gelbes Top: Prinzessin Polly (
Shorts: abrand (
herz halskette: vanessa mooney (ähnlich:
dünner Halsreif: mejuri (
Herzchoker: Melodie ehsani (ähnlich:


Ich habe auch ein Inspo-Konto @bestdressedinspo 🙂

Wie heißen Sie? Ashley
Was ist dein Instagram? @am besten angezogen
wie alt bist du? 21 (geboren 1998)
Wie groß bist du? 5'5 "
Was ist Ihre ethnische Zugehörigkeit? halb britisch und halb burmesisch
Mit welcher Ausrüstung filmst du?
 ➭ hauptkamera: panasonic lumix gh5s (
 ➭ 12-35 mm Objektiv (
 ➭ mic: ritt videomic pro + (
 Vlog camera: canon powershot g7x mark ii
 ➭ canon m50 (
 ➭ Bearbeitung: Final Cut Pro

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  1. This would help soooooo much for my style but school is coming and the dress code doesn’t help at all

  2. in middle school i was so scared to change up my style to like more chic bc i didn't know how to match colours and stuff. I started shopping more, asking my friends for advice like what goes with a flannel etc LMAOO. and now i never wear flannels anymore, was that bitch stuntin in high school with my high heels and funky ass clothes from the thrift store, and i barely ask my friends' for advice on my ootd. man i know i had those days where i wore something rly different i was always afraid of what people might think but doing that so many times, as long as i think it's dope, i know it's dope. Style takes time and practice and confidence. But trust, dressing the way you want will give u confidence to wear no makeup and to not do ur hair (from experience)! xx

  3. Thanks for this video because I found that my style is a combo of Audrey Hepburn and Ashley 😂

  4. i did not skip a section of this video i was keep it going with the information. XD

  5. you are so cute and so smart, never settle for someone who's less than you ok

  6. Thank sou tor the tips! ❤ I was also very scared of wearing clothes i like but now im not that scared. 😊

  7. i love this sm!!! clothing clean out inspo honestly. also please make another room your/ you current clothing organization video!!

  8. Hey um can you like, live in my wardrobe and dress me every day?

  9. Actually, I’d recommend Pinterest, I found my style there, and it’s easier to find mor wig what you want, create a board, look for clothes you love or you wear a lot, or wish you had.

  10. black leggings and grey top or grey leggings and black top.

  11. The one thing I struggle with at my school is that everyone dresses the exact same. We have a lot of dress code rules (like knee length skirts 24/7) And I can never figure out how to have the confidence to get away from the black pencil skirt and a cardigan. Help

  12. my only problem with dressing the way i want to is that i like the high waisted, straight legged black jeans, nice t shirt tucked it, a jean jacket, and some boots or vans. (basic edgy, i know. but it’s the only style that’s like comfortable but looks nice when you have a good body) but i have boobs that are on the bigger side so it pushes my shirts out and i look chubby. i’m not super skinny, i’m average with a small muffin top when i wear too tight jeans, but my boobs make me look bigger than i am. and idk but to do about it. i can’t wear hoodies or sweatshirts either without looking fat. like how do this big boobed girls in hollywood look so good in normal clothes but i can’t. idk man

  13. Why are you wearing a dog collar

  14. Look at your closet
    Me looks
    Me:Ok I have 8 hoodies and a bunch of random t shirts, a lot of baggy stuff

  15. i’ve been struggling so much with clothes and i have no idea what my style is + i literally have 0 confidence so this video is so helpful thank u❤️❤️

  16. Surprisingly my fashion account ended up having alot of friends related content 😂😂 likee? I only followed 1 claccount of friends there compared to a ton of people who post alotnof clothes and i still ended up with alot of friends content. Im not mad tho 😂

  17. what’s the song at the start called? xx

  18. what if ur drawn to like 5 diff styles and it seems like ur 5 diff people in different days in a week lmao like one day u look like jennie in a chanel ad and the next ur look like ur straight up from bed and then next u look like a badass female lmao

    continues watching the vid
    okae nvm lol u answered my question, thanks

  19. „Okay so start with your own wardrobe“
    *Looks at pile of pullovers and leggings*
    Ok done what‘s next

    Edit: And I just realized that I really like lolita. Any kind of lolita. Yes, it suits my personality. But I‘m not into the work with make-up and hair that usually comes with it. And the fact that it‘s mostly (only) in Japan. But I still love it and would definitely wear it if I see one that I can buy.

  20. your style is my inspiration 😍

    btw i’m a small youtuber ✨

  21. ughhh thank you for thiss i felt the ending comments a lot. FINALLY out of high school and now i just got a confidence boost for fashion. Im making my way now 😀

  22. You are so awesome ♡♡ thank you for this great guide!

  23. walked into the Gap and my first thought was "why does all this stuff look like clothes bestdressed flips from thrift stores"

  24. bro you didn’t have your bangs and i was all “wait who is this”

  25. i remember in uni i wore a lot of black one day i suddenly wore bright red sweater once i entered my class my professor said : oooh your'e wearing red today a romantic color

  26. Yeah…i have in mind that I wanted to wear but its true lacks Confidence blocking me to wear what I wanted… Hahaha… Hope I could…

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