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Wie sich Demokraten auf das Zeugnis von Robert Müller vorbereiten

Der frühere Sonderberater Robert Mueller erhielt am Mittwoch eine Warnung vor seinem mit Spannung erwarteten Kongress-Zeugnis. Das Justizministerium sandte Müller am Dienstag einen Brief, in dem er aufgefordert wurde, sich an die Grenzen seines Berichts zu halten. Mueller wird von zwei aufeinanderfolgenden Ausschüssen etwa fünf Stunden lang Fragen beantworten. Paula Reid berichtet.

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  1. The BIG question is…. Robert Mueller, have YOU read the “Mueller Report”? Can you say Alzheimer’s? Hey, where is Robert Mueller? Damn, he escaped from the old folks home again!

  2. It was a coup attempt, that is why impeachment failed? They know the truth, they wont tell the ppl. It's ok, we get it. Mueller didnt elaborate for one Republican on evidence. Mueller had NONE! he only indicted those who supported trump. But failed to indict The one who lied to start this whole probe and did THE PROBE anyway. Spending millions of tax payer money in order to give a bone to dems to impeach on obstruction of the COUP! Not one thing about Russia. Russia was used by dems like every election. They wont talk bout Hillary and Feinstein colluding with CHINA.

  3. Meuller no findings ever 100%Hoax all lies fake paid by Hillary Obama

  4. what happened to the collusion, or all those clinton emails, and why, is probably not how theyre preparing for some apparently pretty irresponsible reasons. lol.

  5. As usual, Trump, Barr and his entire poison gang are ridiculous in attempting to, "order," Mr. Mueller about this-they are not, in truth or in law, allowed to do so. More attempted bullying.

  6. Nadler packed extra high rise diapers.

  7. If this treasonous dirty cop thinks he's going to get cute during the hearings tomorrow Herr Mueller has another thing coming.

  8. Scripted Mueller testimony coming soon…

  9. Oo he cant talk bout the Clintons huh… the channel is like our government your both liers…you gross and help God in you life's

  10. To be honest I don't care for Muller the man gave his report two long year.leave him alone he gave us the blue pring to start IMPEACH this lying DISGUSTING man who is undermining our country our safety around the world.i have a friend who just came off a trip where they're people from different countries and all were saying how do Americans let this happen.

  11. Another extreme dislike to like ratio. When will CBS learn? Oh, never…I'm not surprised.

  12. These corrupt dems are hopping for a different outcome that Mueller is going to say when asked questions which is not going to happen..

  13. Why are we doing this again? If this turns to nothing, you have lost the 2020 election

  14. Mueller's testimony today will not provide evidence of any crimes or misconduct he committed while conducting the special counsel's investigation, but it also will not (edit) exonerate him of such misconduct.

  15. Nothing going to happen….. this is just a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. Democrats dont want the truth. No doubt the left is cancer to America.

  16. By having their rights read to them i hope or read their last rights for that matter 🤬

  17. Democrats are loosing it….nothing came from the mueller report the first time around. Why would that change? Go democrats that you for all your contributions to ensure TRUMPs win

  18. The question I'd ask: "If a sitting President murdered a tourist in the White House in full view of dozens of people, would DoJ policy allow charges to be brought?"

  19. They're donning their fire suits because they're about to get cooked!

    Mueller's withheld exculpatory evidence in the past.
    And he has done so multiple times in this case!
    I will pop my popcorn and watch Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan ask the Hardline questions while the Democrats squirm and Sweat.


  20. The United Sates …
    A country that meddled in the 1996 Russian Presidential Election, and then bragged about winning it for Boris Yeltsin.

  21. KGB Comey, mystified Mueller, Strzok and "mistress" Paige are Clinton KGB agents! Their sole task is protecting Clinton Oligarch Crime Family .. Why the $145,000,000 Kremlin donation to Clinton Foundation once again from the Kremlin and Imelda Clinton and predator henchman BILL almost got back into White House! FBI/DOJ third world banana republic agencies, GUT THEM.

  22. Probably giving him the questions they are going to ask.

  23. Obama's corrupt FBI/DOJ a BLOATED multi-billion dollar GOV agency's that could not ascertain that the Trump dossier (used to secure FISA wire tap warrants on Americans) was a political attack funded by Clinton ORG Crime Family but ONLY KGB COMEY was FIRED … FBI/DOJ needs to be GUTTED, they are agencies attempting a third world banana republic junta.

  24. VOTE AOC or trump will take the world and nuke it lol :))))

  25. We are NYS DEMOCRATS voting TRUMPPENCE 2020 to MAGA.

  26. Lots of Kleenex. Over the top emotionalism to make the nightly news cycle. These are Democrats. Grab the popcorn.

  27. Democrats are riding that lie all the way to the bitter end…

  28. I am stuck on stupid cause stupid Stuck on Me. Democrats

  29. Cant wait to 2020 to see the meltdown of the Snowflakes! Nrver gets old….

  30. Why do I feel like Mueller is going to be another huge disappointment?


  32. Of course he will watch it but on Faux and fiends! That way after every sentence Muller says they will go poor poor Mr tRump see what they are doing to him!


  34. How dems are preparing for their next delusion? Lmao let me guess kleenex, bucket of icream, vaseline maybe? Memorizing their lie cookbook…

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