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Wie Smartphones die Fähigkeit Ihres Gehirns sabotieren, sich zu konzentrieren | WSJ

Unsere Telefone geben uns sofort Befriedigung. Aber es gibt Kosten: Aufmerksamkeitsverlust und Produktivität. Daniela Hernandez von WSJ geht auf die Suche nach einem Verständnis für die Wissenschaft der Ablenkung und danach, was Sie tun können, um fokussierter und produktiver zu bleiben. Foto / Illustration: Natalia V. Osipova / Drew Evans

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  1. Hope anyone reading gets out of this dirty addiction

  2. I am terribly suffering despite knowing about it😫

  3. Point proven – it took me 15 minutes to watch this 5 minute video because I kept getting distracted…

  4. This is leading to the end of western civilization.

  5. Delete your Instagram(I did) turn off notifications for unimportant apps.

  6. So wsj what is UPS Ihope you hace a grat day

  7. This works for me:

    Email: Checked once an hour, using GTD's Do/Delegate/Defer/Delete approach. Inbox zero by end of day.
    Social media: my phone is set to DnD during Pomodoros. Between then, check social media.
    Tasks: Nothing is done unless it's next up in my task list. Tasks are prioritized by value throughout the day.

    The mind is too special to waste on memorizing todo-lists and task interrupts.

  8. Some other countries like Korea probably aren’t addressing these things. Probably..

  9. This is nothing new lol are we that stupid to not realize this from the beginning?

  10. spent 10 years studying neurobiology and wondering what technology did to our brains

  11. spent 10 years studying neurobiology and wondering what technology did to our brains

  12. Check out Cal Newport’s book “Deep Work” if you want to learn more about this topic of focus.

  13. Most of us are watching this from a smartphone

  14. Deep Work by Cal Newport.. read it

  15. I leave my phone off 95% I only take it with me traveling, if i need to call AAA if my caar breaks down. I'm downgrading my social media a lot too. In the age of twitterbrained people, and phombies walking/driving and causing car wrecks. My devices are best left off.

  16. A day trader can for sure relate to this 💯📈

  17. Prioritize and ignore notifications

  18. I'm most productive when my phone is on silent mode and there is no WI FI.

  19. I'm so fascinated by giving leading replays to others.. That some time I can not read the full text.. Before replaying.

  20. Couldn't watch this video to the end without checking few social networks…

  21. And we are watching this on “Mobile Phone” !!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  22. Most of Social Media are worst enemies to Human, they are damaging humans brain and destroying humans healthy behaviors

  23. Made it 2 minutes in before i started browsing the comments

  24. You guys are too generous to the problem.

  25. They also enable me to buy and sell very quickly. To put my ideas into practice immediately wherever I am.

  26. Watching this while eating, I think I'm getting something wrong here.

  27. Exactly why I go through every app on my phone and uncheck the notifications check mark that is usually checked by default. I want something for my phone that when I install any new app, it will become automatically unchecked. I usually keep notifications for the alarm clock and the cell phone ringing to be on, but every other notification is off. Why does a video game app need notifications anyway? Who knows what is running in the background at all times as this is not possible to disable all apps from running in the background except for a few that can only function properly by running in the background.

  28. Thanks for this! What's a good book that goes well with this video?

  29. I was reading the comments while the video played….totally get it

  30. I feel this problem is more prevalent in people associated with IT field.

  31. Downloading books and searching for edu videos are my lives biggest distraction. Alas!

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