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XCub Trailer

Der XCub ist die neueste Erweiterung der Infinite Flight-Flotte, die im Sommer 2019 auf dem Weg zum mobilen Simulator ist. Mit dem XCub wird eine neue Funktion eingeführt, mit der unsere Flugzeugbauten neue Höhen erreichen.

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  1. Please Infinite flight inventor back to free infinite flight for one day

  2. Hey Infinite Flight team. How hard is it to make side slipping available? Would be super awesome for those GA airplanes!

  3. Great trailer for this. Now we just need the A350 with the official release date for these aircrafts

  4. hopefully all the planes will have working displays

  5. Hopefully they re-work the ejet series next

  6. I guess everyone forgot about the American Decathlon

  7. Pls pls pls add the blueprint Livery for JetBlue E190 I'm begging you plssssssss

  8. So when will this be available

  9. If only the A350 had a live cockpit…

  10. OMG! Is coll!! This is the best!🤟🏻😆

  11. Any idea of when the 777 re-work will be finished?

  12. Please add an Austrian 777-200ER 👍🏻

  13. Hello infinite flight, this is super cool and can’t wait to see this in game. I love your game and it is awesome! I was wondering if you would be taking plane suggestions. If so I think it would be really cool to have a Cessna 402, specially with a Cape Air livery! And a Boeing 727, Hopefully that will be a future planes!

  14. I wonder how IF plans to compete against the upcoming Microsoft flight simulator.

  15. Definitely looks like it is going to be a very nice game… I cant wait to see it!

  16. Im also going to be posting a community flight once this bad boy comes out with the a350

  17. Finally a new taildragger!

  18. I hate this game cus u need a pro pls get pro free I begging the owner I just waste my money for this game is getting bored pls free the pro

  19. They should make gravel runways for these in southern Alaska for bush flying 😍

  20. Pls do live cockpit for all planes pls I will love that

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