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Xiaomi Mi 9 Bewertung: Ruhig solide

Mit all den verrückten Telefonen, die gerade herauskommen, ist es schön, zu einem Telefon zurückzukehren, das nur viele der Grundlagen richtig macht. Das Xiaomi Mi 9 ist heutzutage vielleicht nicht das aufregendste Handy, aber es verdient, neben den anderen Flaggschiffen in Betracht gezogen zu werden.


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  1. Does it work well with USA LTE?

  2. Not sure if i missed it, but doesn't this phone have the rare IR blaster?

  3. Miui has no app drawer? I just made a folder and placed it in middle of the dock at the bottom and dumped all my apps I don't often use there.

  4. Hey is PocketNow and Android Authority related? I saw you Josh somewhere in Android Authority review. I'm just surprised 😊. Nice review as usual from you

  5. I can't believe u left Android Authority

  6. Please compare this phone with Asus Zenfone 6 camera review…

  7. I could've sworn you were with Android authority. (If you are two different people then please understand I'm not racist)

  8. too bad it doesn't have a headphone jack and micro SD card slot. and the battery is pretty small in 2019. most flagships have a minimum 4000 mAh now.

  9. Why do so few reviewers touch on audio? Only flossy discusses the audio quality of phones in his reviews. Come on guys it takes 30 seconds

  10. What is Xiaomi like when it comes to software updates? Are they quick at resolving bugs and do they take a long time to get the latest Android version?

  11. This phone is AWESOME i did not regret buying this 😁👍

  12. Def slapping a launcher on that thing.

  13. I'm using the Mi8 and it has been superb so far, I'd definitely get the Mi9 in a heartbeat, seems like a great device.

  14. Fast Fast Fast. I also love the buttons location. Still getting used to sound on the right, but a Google assistant button on the left, is in just the right place. I was not in love with the launcher with no app drawer and the minimally modifiable news and info window via the left drag. So I installed Lawn-Chair. Now I have a very native Android experience with an app drawer, a Google Now like interface, and a fair amount of customize-ability. The screen is beautiful. And so is the back. Somehow this large screen phone does not feel big. And it is not heavy either. In the worst case scenario, if I know I'll be out on an all day, heavy use excursion, slipping a small battery for recharging will get me thru it. I do wish I had a headphone jack, a water resistance spec, and a micro-SD memory card slot. but for the money it is hard to complain.

  15. Mi are solid mi A1 still rocking

  16. Isn't he from Androidauthority?

  17. Very bad battery I have to charge it like 3-4 times a day…

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