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Xiaomi Mi A3: Google pur für 250 US-Dollar

Xiaomi Mi A3 (USA Link) –
Xiaomi Mi A3 (International) –
Das Xiaomi Mi A3 ist eine der wenigen Android One-Smartphone-Optionen. Das Mi A3 bietet eine ähnliche Software-Erfahrung wie das Google Pixel für einen Bruchteil der Kosten.

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  1. Bought this phone after watching this review, was not disappointed.


  2. In Algeria it costs 160$

  3. Well. The lower res, the higher performance you get. From rendering user interface to 3d gaming. Beside, 720p in that size not really seem different from 1080p. 🙄

  4. Redmi note 8 is cheaper and better

  5. I dont like my Nokia's android one but like the one ui of Samsung most

  6. I just bought it for USD$154 in Hong Kong, super valuable

  7. How is the display quality? It’s AMOLED but with 282 ppi. Do pixels matter?

  8. I use Mi A2, which has android one, received Android 10 update yesterday. So yeah, updates are pretty quick.

  9. Bro after I watched this vid i just bought mi a3 I have this phone for 3 months now

  10. This phone so great, I have one

  11. What you say about camera pixel Inreasing? Is it good? Better than iphone mobiles? Compare iphone with xiaomi mi note 10 camera

  12. watching this on Mi A3. ITS THE REAL DEAL TRUST ME.

  13. %30 of comments: nice phone
    %70: 1:18

  14. I had the xiaomi mi a1 and I switched to the mi a3, best choice, 170 euro for the 128GB blue color

  15. Obviously a paid review… pathetic

  16. Hey, need some help here. Just bought the Mi A3, and I love it. Currently have an Indian SIM card as I live in and am an Indian. I will be moving to the US in about a year to do my MS. Will the Mi A3 hold up in the US as well? I am not aware as to how USA SIM cards work. Will there be some compatibility issues? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

  17. which color the best, either MORE THAN WHITE or NOT JUST BLUE?

  18. Who the hell has a good wifi to reach 1080p.

  19. im thinking buy it because its price went down

  20. It is Bäst Mobiltelefon and Nise🌾🐞🐝

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