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Zugriff auf einen Kurs über einen kostenlosen Coupon oder eine Raubkopie Ist es vernünftig?

Zugreifen auf einen Kurs über einen kostenlosen Coupon oder eine Raubkopie | Ist es vernünftig?

Ist es vernünftig zu erwarten, dass Sie für einen Online-Programmierkurs oder online zugängliche Inhalte nichts bezahlen? Einige Leute können auf bezahlte Online-Kurse und andere Inhalte zugreifen, indem sie entweder dafür bezahlen, einen kostenlosen Coupon erhalten oder auf Raubkopien des Kurses / Inhalts zugreifen. Wenn Sie mehr über dieses Thema erfahren möchten, schauen Sie bitte weiter.

Dieses Video wird Ihnen vom Git & GitHub Masterclass-Kurs von The Learn Programming Channel zur Verfügung gestellt:

Mein Name ist Tim Buchalka und ich habe eine Reihe von Videos zusammengestellt, die ich als "Programmiertipp des Tages" bezeichne. Grundsätzlich wird in jedem Video über einige Fallstricke und Dinge gesprochen, die Sie überwinden müssen, um als Programmierer erfolgreich zu sein, z. B. die Überwindung von Frustration und die Motivation.

In dieser Reihe beantworte ich auch häufig gestellte Fragen zur Auswahl einer zu lernenden Programmiersprache, zu Ihrem beruflichen Werdegang und zu Dingen dieser Art. Nun gibt es noch viele andere Dinge, die ich in diesen Videos behandeln werde, und ich öffne auch die Zeilen, in denen du mir sagst, was ich abdecken soll.

Jetzt bin ich seit über 35 Jahren Programmierer. Ich glaube, ich bin wirklich qualifiziert, viele dieser Fragen zu beantworten. Wenn Sie also eine Frage haben, fügen Sie diese im Kommentarbereich dieses Videos ein, und ich werde mein Bestes tun, um dies in einem zukünftigen Video zu beheben.

Wenn Sie den nächsten Tipp lesen möchten, klicken Sie auf den folgenden Link, um zur Wiedergabeliste mit allen Programmiertipps zu gelangen:

Wenn Sie bestimmte Programmiervideos codieren möchten, klicken Sie auf den folgenden Link, um zur Wiedergabeliste zum Programmieren von Videos weitergeleitet zu werden:

Ziehen Sie ein Abonnement in Betracht, indem Sie auf die Schaltfläche Abonnieren direkt unter dem Video klicken.

Wo Sie mehr über mich erfahren können:

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  1. I just got your Kotlin Android Development course on Udemy. Wish me luck!

  2. I have downloaded and learned from your course from pirated site. I was wanted to say sorry for that for a long time. I wasn't have money and credit card a that time.

  3. I totally 1000% agree with you. Thanks so much for this amazing video! Please keep posting videos like these!!

  4. True. Especially when the courses are so cheap, even if you live in a third world country. I bought your Java course a couple years ago, going through it now cos I paid for it, even though I don't really need to learn java right now. Your course is really great value for money. Glad to hear that you plan on refilming it too!

  5. I think rampant piracy of digital video is in part caused by the inconvenience of accessing said media. It used to be far easier to pirate movies and TV shows than to access them legitimately. Now with Netflix and Amazon Prime that has changed. That being said it has always been easier to access Lynda courses legitimately but many of their courses are still pirated. The truth is even if you reduced the Lynda monthly subscription to $1 some people would still pirate them.

  6. Hi Tim, how can a framework be written in more than one language, like Flutter? Can can they put different languages together? Thanks

  7. In one of your youtube videos you said that in juni/juli you were going to release a new course or update a new course. I dont remember which course or which video was. Can anyone help me out?

    or what are your plans for releasen new courses in this few months Tim?
    any masterclass for c# or jS ?


  8. I think you need to always have some skin in the game.

  9. What Tim is saying is right. The difference is the class of student. I.e. those who go to a certain university fit a certain mould. Those who use unilateral teaching platform can be anybody. I’ve done both and both have their methods. Now, the idea of downloading a ‘crack’ course is fine but don’t expect support. It’s not ethical practice and ethics is very important in industry. Further, I can honestly say I’ve spent hundreds of £’s on udemy courses and I know they are hard because the subject is hard/requires work and competence. I don’t mind paying if I know I’m getting value. I know I’m getting value from Tim’s and other fine tutors. I have nearly 50 courses to complete all in difficult subject areas and I will complete them. I’ve training in difficult conditions and the only challenge is keeping the mind together. For those who feel the need to free load well I’m afraid the lesson hasn’t been learned. That value is derived from self improvement and paying for quality .. quality = value = money you can mix these variables about and they all equal true.

  10. Hello prof , can you give certification for your courses?

  11. Hi Tim. I'll tell you about my situation. I downloaded 2 courses for free. They are top rated on udemy. The second one is yours. The first course was weak. He got obsolete and explained the most primitive things without technical details. If I bought it, I would regret it.

    Then I started your course. It is much better than the first. Your course really helped me to understand both fundamental things and complex technical details. I felt ashamed that I was studying for free a course in which so much energy was invested.

    I know that if I buy a course from you, it will be of high quality. But how can I be sure that I will not spend money on nothing if I buy a course from someone else?

    Sorry for my bad english.

  12. is it reasonable to charge for a course promising to be completed later and not updating it after more than 2 years?

  13. If I have access to copied course I would still buy the original course. The main reason is to support the teacher. The second reason is th courses are 30 times cheaper then those in school. And I can learn anytime I want and I have free time
    I have bought 2 of your courses java masterclass and Android development

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